Can reducing calorie intake improve the quality of sex?

Can reducing calorie intake improve the quality of sex?

reduce calorie intake can improve the quality of sex? Western scientists have pointed out that reducing calorie intake under the condition of good health can delay aging, improve the quality of sleep and sex, and thus improve the quality of life.

previously, scientists used experimental mice as research objects and found that reducing calorie intake can prolong life, because low calorie diet can delay the aging process.

in the new study, scientists invited 218 male and female volunteers, aged between 20 and 50, with no health problems. The average body mass index of the volunteers was 22-28, which means they were in the normal and overweight range. After that, the volunteers were divided into two groups. In the first group, the daily diet was reduced by 25 percent, while in the second group, the diet remained unchanged.

the experiment lasted for two years. During this period, the volunteers who reduced their calorie intake began to feel relaxed, their overall tension was relieved, and their sexual desire increased. And a year after the experiment began, they found that their sleep quality improved. Two years later, the second group saw little change, and even gained weight after consuming the same amount of calories as before.

scientists said that many volunteers who agreed to reduce their calorie intake suffered from malnutrition at the beginning, but after they gradually adapted, they felt better than before.

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