Can rice water wash face? The magic of rice washing water

iron cookers such as kitchen knives, spatulas and iron spoons can be prevented from rusting by immersing them in thick rice washing water. If it has rusted, it can be soaked in water for several hours, so it is easy to wipe off the rust.

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Can rice water wash face? What are the uses of rice washing water?

rice washing water comes into contact with every day when cooking, but in fact, it has many magical effects that you don’t know. Here’s how to introduce the complete collection of rice washing water and share the correct way to wash your face with rice washing water.

1. Washing hands with rice washing water can not only decontaminate, but also moisturize and smooth the skin.

2, washing dishes with rice washing water, not only has strong decontamination, but also does not contain chemical substances, better than detergent.

3, white clothes soaked in rice washing water for 10 minutes, and then washed with soap, can make clothes white and new.

4. Before using the new casserole, first wash it with rice washing water several times, then fill it with rice soup and cook it on the fire for half an hour. After such treatment, the casserole will not leak.

5, kitchen knife, spatula, iron spoon and other iron cookers can be immersed in thick rice washing water to prevent rusting. If it has rusted, it can be soaked in water for several hours, so it is easy to wipe off the rust.

6. Meat bought from the market is sometimes stained with lime soil, which is difficult to clean with tap water. If you wash it with hot rice water twice, the dirt is easy to remove.

7, chopping board used for a long time, will produce a fishy smell. It can be soaked in rice washing water for a period of time, and then scrubbed with salt to eliminate the fishy smell.

8. Dishes with fishy smell can be removed by rubbing them in salted rice washing water and then washing them with clean water.

9. If the towel is stained with fruit juice and sweat, it will have peculiar smell and become hard. Soak it in rice washing water and cook for more than ten minutes, it will become white and soft.

10, just painted furniture, there is a bad smell of paint, with a soft cloth dipped in rice water repeatedly wipe, can get rid of the smell of paint.

the correct way to wash your face with rice washing water:

1. Put the white rice into the container and pour in the tap water.

2. After scrubbing, pour out the rice washing water, and then pour in the tap water again. After scrubbing, leave the rice washing water for the second time.

3. After settling the rice washing water overnight, take the Milky rice washing water and pour it into the washbasin.

4, add about 1.5 times warm water of rice washing water. The beauty is finished with rice washing water! You can wash your face directly!

tips for life:

the way of washing face with rice washing water is very particular. When washing rice every day, pour out the water for the first time, leave the water for the second time, let it clear slowly, and then take the water above to wash your face. Your face will turn white and greasy. The rice washing water can only be refrigerated for 1 day, not more than 2 days, otherwise it will ferment and deteriorate!

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