Can rice worms be eaten?

can rice worms be eaten? This problem is often encountered in our real life, but also a problem concerned by many friends. Rice should be very familiar to everyone, because in many people’s lives, rice is actually used as staple food, that is to say, many people are almost late for rice every day. And because rice is more delicious, so like to eat rice is a lot of people.

rice is the staple food of many people, especially our friends in the south. Most of them take rice as their staple food. But in our life, we will still encounter rice insects, when rice insects, we will become very distressed, because we do not know where to go. So, let’s talk about the problem of whether rice insects can be eaten.

rice can still be eaten after it is infested with insects, but if it is found, it must be handled as soon as possible. To find a flat without sunlight outside, pour the rice on the paper and spread it out, so that the insects will automatically climb to the ground as soon as they see the wind, Because this kind of rice will turn into rice noodles after being exposed to the sun´╝ł 2) The rice should be stored in a new bag when the insects are exhausted, because there will be eggs left on the old bag. (3) carefully check the place where the rice was put to see if other foods are infected with the eggs. It is better to put the rice in a separate place and eat it as soon as possible to avoid the reproduction of eggs, The second is protein. Under normal circumstances, rice will not grow insects, moldy (mass propagation of mold). Because the water activity value of rice is very low (that is, the water content is very small), and the growth and development of mold and egg need the existence of water. The water activity value is low, and the mould and egg can’t absorb water. However, with the increase of water activity value, mold and insect eggs will absorb the water in rice, and then decompose and use the nutrients in rice.

put a few cloves of garlic in the middle or both ends of the rice bag, or wrap some Chinese prickly ash in cloth or paper and put it in the container for rice. Usually, the rice storage tank or bucket should be cleaned to prevent the overwintering pupae from hiding in it. Once the rice insect is found, the rice can be dried in a cool place to let the insect fly away or climb out. The rice with the insect can be eaten after the insect is removed. Never expose the rice to the sun.

through the above detailed introduction, we can find one thing, that is, when we encounter rice worms, we don’t have to rush to throw away the rice. In fact, most of the time, rice worms can still be eaten, but many people will put the rice in the sun after rice worms, which is definitely not desirable, We must bear this in mind.

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