Can salt water soak feet cure beriberi?

soaking feet every day is the simplest way for people to choose before going to bed at night. At present, more and more people suffer from beriberi. People will also choose a variety of ways to treat, then can salt water soak feet treat beriberi? Salt water soak feet can’t treat beriberi, because salt water may only have simple antibacterial effect, which has no effect on the treatment of beriberi. People should treat beriberi scientifically.

beriberi not only smells bad, but also belongs to fungal skin disease, which is very difficult to cure. Want to treat beriberi is also a very difficult thing, you can choose to use traditional Chinese medicine bubble feet and to beriberi drugs to treat.

soaking feet in hot water every day has certain health care effect on human body, but there is no scientific theoretical basis for treating beriberi by soaking feet in common salt. Chinese medicine foot can only play the role of adjuvant treatment, not as a method of treatment, so as not to delay the disease. Beriberi is a fungal skin disease. If you don’t handle it properly in your life, it is very easy to cause foot infection between your relatives or friends. This is a reminder that you should pay attention to some misunderstandings in life, and some tips to promote the recovery of foot problems are recommended to you.

tinea pedis is a foot skin disease caused by pathogenic fungi, which is infectious. Tinea pedis is prevalent all over the world, especially in tropical and subtropical regions. In China, the incidence rate of tinea pedis is quite high. There are no sebaceous glands in the plantar and toe of human beings, which leads to the lack of fatty acids to inhibit the growth of filamentous fungi. The physiological defense function is poor. However, the sweat glands in these parts are rich and sweat more. In addition, the poor air circulation and local humidity are conducive to the growth of filamentous fungi. In addition, the cuticle of the plantar skin is thick, and keratin in the cuticle is rich in nutrients of fungi, which is conducive to the growth of fungi.

if you want to treat beriberi, you should persevere. Don’t give up halfway. You should ensure your personal hygiene. Frequent drying shoes, more feet, simply with salt water feet is not much effect, if necessary, should even go to the hospital for treatment.

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