Can soybean milk and eggs be eaten together?

Can soybean milk and eggs be eaten together?

can soybean milk and eggs be eaten together?

soybean (including soybean and black soybean) does contain trypsin inhibitor, which can inhibit the activity of human trypsin, thus affecting the digestion and absorption of protein. However, trypsin inhibitor is not stable when heated. In the process of processing soybean milk, it can be destroyed by more than 85% after boiling for 8 minutes. Although there is still a small amount of thermostable trypsin inhibitor, its activity is low enough to interfere with the digestion and absorption of egg protein.

therefore, soybean milk and eggs can be eaten together, the so-called & lt; Mutual restraint & quot; There is no reason at all. Just need to pay attention, in addition to trypsin inhibitor, soybean also contains plant red blood cell agglutinin, lipoxygenase and other anti nutritional factors. Whether it is mixed with eggs or not, soybean milk needs to be fully cooked. Otherwise, the digestion and absorption of protein is still a small matter, and serious may cause poisoning, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, etc Gastrointestinal symptoms such as abdominal distension and diarrhea.

soybean milk and egg are the best nutritional breakfast partners. They are complementary. Although soybean milk protein belongs to high-quality protein, the deficiency is that the content of methionine is low, while the content of methionine in eggs is high. If eaten together, the rich methionine in eggs can make up for the lack of methionine in soybean, so as to improve the nutritional value of the whole protein. The content of cholesterol in eggs is relatively high, while soybean milk is not only free of cholesterol, but also rich in dietary fiber and phytosterols which can interfere with cholesterol absorption. You can eat them together with complete confidence.

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