Can sprouted potatoes be eaten? Correct storage skills to reduce the probability of sprouting potatoes

potatoes are a favorite food for everyone. They can be used as staple food, dishes and snacks. Few foods are like this; Generalist;. However, we need to remind you that if potatoes are not eaten in the right way, it may cause health problems. Now, let’s have a look with you.

Potatoes are rich in high-quality protein, vitamin C and potassium. There are white skin, yellow skin, red skin, purple skin and other different colors of potato skin, and there are white, yellow, purple and other different colors of potato pulp. There are big ones, small ones, noodles and crispy ones. Some are easy to cook, others are hard to cook. In terms of non nutritive components, some polyphenols are high and some are low. Potatoes account for 25% of the total dietary intake of polyphenols in the United States.

fresh potatoes contain 1.5% ~ 2.0% protein, which is about 6% ~ 8% by dry weight, close to rice. Although the content is not too high, the quality is very good. The proportion of essential amino acids in potatoes is very close to that in eggs, higher than that in beans, which is quite in line with human needs, so it can be regarded as high-quality protein.

although the daily vitamin C content of potatoes eaten by Americans seems not too high, only 10 mg to 20 mg, it is also higher than apples, pears, peaches and so on.

potato is also a super food rich in potassium, with the potassium content of 200-400mg / 100g, reaching or even exceeding the legendary banana, which is rich in potassium, and much cheaper than banana.

if you use potatoes to replace some white rice and steamed bread, you can easily eat hundreds or even thousands of milligrams more potassium. By the way, it can also effectively increase the intake of vitamin C, dietary fiber and antioxidant substances. This is particularly beneficial for patients with high blood pressure and stroke, as well as for patients with gout and hyperuricemia.

Germinated potatoes are poisonous.

potatoes are a common food on our table. But if they are germinated and turned green, do you still want to eat them? Is this kind of potato poisonous or not? What harm does it do to human body after eating it? Especially for friends who love to eat potatoes, we must pay attention to it. Let’s have a look.

why can’t sprouted potatoes be eaten?

under certain temperature and humidity conditions, the terminal buds and leaf buds are easy to germinate. When germinating, a lot of molds will be produced in the budding parts. Through the action of these enzymes, the substances stored in the block mirror will be decomposed and transformed into substances for oxygen supply bud growth. In the process of substance transformation, a toxin of solanine will be produced. When this toxin enters the human body, it may cause us nausea, vomiting, dizziness, diarrhea and other discomfort. In serious cases, it may also cause heart and respiratory paralysis, and even death.

therefore, it is said that germinated potatoes cannot be eaten. Whether

can be eaten or not actually depends on the degree of germination: if

only sprouts a little, it can be eaten in theory, but attention should be paid to remove the germinated part and the green skin. Of course, it may be troublesome to deal with it. It will take more time and lose a lot of potato parts. Moreover, if it is not handled properly, It is likely to retain some toxic parts, which may cause poisoning risk.

but if there is mildew or greenness on the surface of potatoes, or potatoes grow long buds, they should be thrown away without hesitation. Because even if the sprouting and green parts of such potatoes are removed, they won’t be poisoned, but the nutrition contained in the potatoes is almost gone, and the taste will be very poor.

in fact, for potatoes that have sprouted, the safest way is not to eat them.

Potato storage skills

1, avoid exposure to the sun: potatoes wash cool, so avoid exposure to the sun, if the potatoes are exposed to the sun, it will lead to deterioration of potatoes moldy or green potato skin, can not be eaten. Potatoes should be dried in a cool and ventilated place, or stored in a ventilated bag in a dry place.

2, avoid moisture: potatoes are vegetables, if too much moisture, poor ventilation, mildew will occur, so should be placed in a dry and ventilated place.

3. Avoid high temperature: if the temperature is too high, it will lead to a faster life or happiness for potatoes. If the temperature is too low, potatoes are easy to frostbite. Therefore, potatoes should be put in a cool place, and the sick, rotten, injured and damp potatoes should be picked out before storage, so as to prevent the spread of other potatoes.

Potato varieties

according to the same cooking method, some varieties of potatoes GI as low as 53, some as high as 104. Generally speaking, potatoes with crisp and hard taste are lower, while potatoes with soft taste are higher.

when making mashed potatoes, French fries and other foods in foreign fast food, potatoes with high glycemic index are used, so it is not conducive to blood glucose control. Secondly, if the potatoes are cooked until soft and rotten, and roasted to special noodles, the glycemic index is higher than eating them immediately after they are cooked.

cooking method

in terms of cooking method, frying potatoes can raise blood sugar more slowly (but it has great power to gain weight), while steaming and stewing potatoes can raise blood sugar more quickly. This is because oil makes starch form; Starch fat complex;, It’s not easy to gelatinize and digest. Stew more soft rotten, beat into mashed potatoes, good digestion, blood sugar will be faster.

in general, the order of glycemic index of the same variety of potatoes after cooking is as follows: mashed potatoes & gt; Boiled potatoes & gt; Oven baked potatoes & gt; Microwave cooking potatoes & gt; French fries.

eating temperature

from the temperature point of view, just out of the pot of hot potato blood sugar fast, at room temperature for a while cool potato blood sugar slow. A study found that oven baked potatoes, while hot to eat, GI value is 95; The GI value decreased to 73 after eating cold; Even mashed potatoes are 106 when they are hot, and 81 when they are cold.

in fact, other staple foods are the same. Because when it gets cold, the starch will enter a & lt; Reincarnation & quot; In this process, the starch molecules are close to each other, and the digestive enzyme will have a little trouble working. Therefore, people with a bad stomach still have to eat hot rice and hot soup, while those with a good stomach and a rapid rise in blood sugar might as well eat starchy foods that are slightly cooler.

Ingredients and eating methods

from the ingredients and eating methods, adding protein, oil and vinegar will reduce the blood sugar response of potatoes.

steaming, boiling and baking will not reduce the starch content, but the Chinese style fried shredded potato will reduce the amount of starch. Fried potato is crisp, but also with a lot of oil, blood sugar response is relatively low. This is originally a satisfactory thing for many people, but repeated soaking and washing in water will also lose a lot of vitamin C, potassium and antioxidant substances. If you want to eat like this, you can do it yourself.

for people who need to lose weight and control their three highs, the most important thing is to use potatoes instead of white rice and noodles, instead of a pot of pork stewed potatoes, a plate of fried shredded potatoes and a bowl of white rice.

using potatoes instead of rice and steamed bread, according to the same starch intake, the blood glucose load decreased and the satiety increased. If you use it as a dish and eat it with rice and steamed bread, it will greatly increase the blood glucose load.

potatoes steamed to eat the most nutritious

potatoes in our table on the camera rate is very high, almost suitable for all common cooking methods, such as steaming, boiling, stewing, fried, fried, mixed and so on. Of all cooking methods, steaming is the most recommended.

potato has high nutritional value and is rich in potassium, which is comparable to banana; Vitamin C is also rich, which is comparable to tomato; It is rich in vitamin B1, which is easily deficient in Chinese people, and the content of vitamin B2 is also higher than that of rice; It also contains dietary fiber and polyphenols. Steamed potatoes can retain the above nutrients to the greatest extent, but also retain its natural fragrance. In the absence of oil and salt, the heat of steamed potato is lower, and the starch content is not as high as that of steamed rice. According to a study by the University of Sydney in Australia, steamed potatoes are 3.23 times fuller than white bread. When steaming potatoes, it is recommended that you take skin to prevent the loss of water and nutrients. If you are worried about the bad taste of this method, you can add some salt and pepper to eat, or cut the steamed potatoes into small pieces, put them in the rice bowl, and then eat them as usual.

Three mistakes to avoid when eating potatoes:


if potatoes are used to replace other vegetables, it will certainly increase the total energy intake of the diet and increase the overall blood glucose load of the diet. For example, a bowl of rice + a bowl of fried vegetables, and a bowl of rice + a bowl of fried potatoes, in the same case of cooking oil, it must be the latter with high calorie and high blood sugar response. 2. Replace whole grains with potatoes.

replacing oatmeal, brown rice, beans and other whole grains with potatoes as staple food can also increase the dietary blood glucose load. The study confirmed that the relative risk of type 2 diabetes increased by 30% if a potato were replaced by whole grains. Instead of white steamed bread, white bread has no such risk.

error 3.

potatoes after high temperature frying, raw materials will absorb a lot of cooking oil, resulting in a substantial increase in fat content, easily cause people to eat too much fat, increase the risk of hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular disease.

in a word, eating too much potato food will produce high blood glucose load, and high blood glucose diet will cause postprandial hyperglycemia, which is related to endothelial dysfunction, oxidative stress and inflammation, which are important potential mechanisms of hypertension and heart disease. In addition, excess potatoes increase the total caloric intake of the diet, leading to weight gain, and studies confirm that overweight and obesity can promote diabetes and hypertension.

Six tips for eating potatoes.

according to the 2016 edition of dietary guidelines for Chinese residents, it is recommended that the daily intake of cereals and potatoes should be 250-400 g, of which the average daily intake of potatoes, including potatoes, should be 50-100 G. It is eaten as a staple food, not included in 300-500 grams of vegetables per day. If you want to enjoy

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