Can sulfur soap remove mites? The usage of sulfur soap

sulfur soap refers to the soap added with sulfur, which is a kind of sulfur medicinal soap. Because it also has a variety of ingredients to remove dandruff and relieve itching, and also has the feeling of moistening and refreshing. It is a good skin friendly series of products, because sulfur soap can inhibit the secretion of sebum, kill bacteria and mites, and has a certain role in prevention and auxiliary treatment of some skin diseases. Let’s take a look.

Sulfur soap can kill mites, because it can inhibit the secretion of skin sebum, so that mites can not parasitize space, so as to achieve the effect of removing mites. In addition, sulfur soap has many functions.

sulfur soap has good oil control effect and is often used for face washing. Because some people’s face will secrete too much oil, it is easy to lead to acne and acne, and people who like sweating will breed more fungi on the surface of their skin, as well as people who are easy to produce oil. Some people even have moss, which is what we call sweat spots. If you use sulfur soap to wash the skin, you can achieve the effect of inhibiting the growth of this fungus.

sulfur soap also has anti-inflammatory and detoxification effects. Because sulfur soap can kill mites and treat acne caused by mites. Not only that, it also has good curative effect for many skin diseases, such as contact dermatitis and oily skin discomfort. Long term use can also be used to treat other skin diseases, such as beriberi. If there are blood spots on the skin, it can also be cleaned with sulfur soap to achieve the effect of anti-inflammatory and detoxification.

Sulfur soap can also be used to treat vesicular tinea pedis, which is also called beriberi. It is characterized by intact skin, but some small blisters are distributed on the sole of the foot. If you have this situation, you can use sulfur soap to assist sterilization. Of course, sulfur soap can also be used for erosive beriberi. This kind of foot moss shows that the cuticle of local epidermis turns white. In the process of running or walking, the epidermis will constantly fall off, thus exposing pink meat. Due to the greater irritation of sulfur, it is generally not recommended to apply it directly on the feet. But it can be diluted to try to use, if you feel too much skin irritation, stop using.

sulfur also has the effect of sterilization, which can inhibit mites and fungi on the face skin, thus reducing the appearance of acne on the human face. Of course, if you want to get rid of acne, you need to keep your mood happy and get enough sleep. It’s better to have regular diet and sleep. Then you’d better not eat spicy food and eat more fruits and vegetables.

there are many friends in the summer, there are some mite acne on the back, so that our skin is very itchy. At this time, we can use sulfur soap to take a bath, which can play a certain role in removing mites. But if we don’t improve after a period of time, it’s better to see a doctor.

The use of sulfur soap

clean face

sulfur soap cleanse the face to remove acne oil control role, sulfur soap in the palm after rubbing foam, and then towel with foam scrubbing. Part T of oil oversecretion should be scrubbed in earnest. The skin around the eyes is fine. So rub gently, and wash the foam with warm water.


, sulfur soap as bath soap to clean the body, can effectively remove the skin mites, has the effect of killing bacteria and mites, put sulfur soap on the bath ball after rubbing the foam, use it to clean the body, you should pay attention to the body clean.


sulfur soap has the function of killing insects, relieving itching and inhibiting sebaceous gland secretion. To wash your hair with sulfur soap, just wash it according to the usual method. Apply sulfur soap on your hair and scalp and wash it carefully for 3-5 minutes. After washing, you can rinse it with moisturizer.

the use time of sulfur soap is

although the use of sulfur soap is not time-dependent, it is not suitable for long-term use. Long term use is easy to cause water shortage, dryness and peeling of skin. It is recommended to use it at most twice a day, 3-4 times a week.

sulfur soap suitable for people

sulfur soap suitable for oily skin, acne prone skin, and people infected by mites, scalp itching, oil can use sulfur soap, dry skin, lack of water, neutral skin should not use sulfur soap, will aggravate the dryness of the skin.

correct selection of sulfur soap

the sulfur soap commonly used is yellow. Because sulfur is added, it smells slightly sour and has certain irritation to the skin. In fact, in addition to sulfur soap, there are other soaps. White soaps are milder and less irritating than skin milk. Red soaps are the most irritating to the skin. Brownish green or dark brown soaps generally have the effect of clearing away heat and detoxification. Special attention should be paid when selecting them.

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