Can tea make beauty? Discover the various magical functions of tea

each time, spread the leftover tea dregs on the board to dry, and accumulate them to make a pillow core. Because tea is cool, so tea pillow can clear the mind, improve thinking ability. You can also go to sleep with bursts of fragrance.

Can tea make beauty? Reveal the various magical functions of tea

what are the magical functions of tea?

tea itself is rich in many elements, and it is loved by most people because of its wonderful taste. Do you know the magical effects of tea leftovers? Here is to tell you the wonderful use of tea, the remaining tea value maximization.

tea Magic: beauty

1, adhere to the water soaked in tea, hair will be black and shiny. After washing the hair with general shampoo and then washing it with tea, you can remove the excess dirt and greasy, making the hair black, soft and glossy.

2. Catechins in tea are natural antioxidants, which can improve the activity of superoxide dismutase, help the body to remove free radical lipid peroxide, and have a great effect on aging.

3. Applying overnight tea bags to eyes can effectively relieve temporary dark circles and eye edema caused by staying up late and edema. In addition, before making the eye mask, you can apply warm tea bag to the eyes for about 10 minutes to accelerate the blood circulation of the eyes, and then apply the eye mask, which can better absorb the nutrition of the eye mask and improve the effect of the eye mask.

4. Tannic acid in tea powder can increase skin elasticity and help to moisturize and nourish skin. In addition, tea also has bactericidal effect, acne, suppuration is also very effective. So you might as well give yourself a DIY Tea Mask.

5. Green tea can deeply clean the skin, soften the cuticle and make the skin tender and white. Collect the tea dregs, dry them in a small cloth bag, fasten the mouth of the bag and soak them in the bathtub. After the bath, you will feel your skin soft and smooth.

tea magical function: decontamination to greasy

1, tea adsorption is very strong, not only can absorb water, but also can absorb dust, so will drink tea left over wipe mirror, doors and windows, furniture, can have a good decontamination effect, and the tea leaves after drying scattered on the ground and then sweep, will be very clean, because tea can take away all the dust.

2, tea can remove dirt, greasy. Therefore, the remaining tea water can be used to clean the pots and pans, which can not only clean them very well, but also make them look as bright and clean as new, and have a faint fragrance.

3. Tea also has the function of absorbing peculiar smell. Put the leftover tea into gauze after drying. This kind of tea bag can be put in the refrigerator to get rid of the fishy smell in the refrigerator, put in the kitchen and toilet to get rid of the odor, and put in the wardrobe not only to get rid of the cigarette smell on the clothes, but also to leave the fragrance.

4. It was said before that tea has strong adsorption capacity, so tea can also remove moisture. You can dry the tea and spread it in wet places, so you can remove moisture.

the wonderful use of tea: health care

1, will be used in the sun dried tea, in the summer with many mosquitoes ignited, can achieve the effect of mosquito repellent, and mosquito repellent incense the same effect, and no harm to the human body.

2. Each time you dry the tea dregs on the board, you can make a pillow core. Because tea is cool, so tea pillow can clear the mind, improve thinking ability. You can also go to sleep with bursts of fragrance.

3, tea treatment beriberi. Tea contains a large amount of tannic acid, which has a strong bactericidal effect. It is especially effective for filamentous bacteria causing beriberi. Therefore, people suffering from beriberi will wash their feet by boiling tea into thick juice every night. After a long time, they will be cured. However, tea washing feet, to persevere, a short period of time will not have a significant effect. And it’s best to use green tea.

4, tea has a strong astringent effect, often tea in the mouth, you can eliminate halitosis. Gargling with strong tea has the same effect. If you are not good at drinking tea, you can soak the tea and then put it in your mouth, which also has a certain effect.

tea has many wonderful functions! It can not only remove the greasy inside the body, but also protect the skin outside the body. It is also very helpful for home life, such as decontamination, sterilization and disinfection of bowls.

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