Can the fruit of Taxus chinensis be eaten directly?

although there are fruits like Taxus chinensis in traditional Chinese medicine, the consumption of Taxus chinensis should be cautious. If Taxus chinensis is eaten within a certain range, it can play a role in health care. On the contrary, if it is not eaten properly, it will cause poisoning or harmful to the body, Under such circumstances, we must not eat casually. So, can yew fruit be eaten? The following is a specific introduction to this issue.

express once reported that “Taxus directly eat no efficacy and anti toxicity” said that a woman in Dongyang Hengdian caused acute renal failure by eating Taxus fruits. Jiang, director of Hematology Department of Tongde hospital, Zhejiang Province, reminded that Taxus must be used under the guidance of doctors, and it is easy to be poisoned if it is eaten privately.

as early as in 2002, in the notice of the Ministry of health on further standardizing the management of health food raw materials, Taxus chinensis has been included in the list of prohibited articles for health food. In 2006, the Ministry of Health announced that it is strictly forbidden for food production and operation units to produce and operate foods containing Taxus. Pang, director of Oncology Department of Xinhua Hospital of

Province, said: “yew is still highly used clinically. Because taxol extracted from the bark of Taxus can act on the microtubules on the cell wall to break the chain, and then inhibit the growth of tumor cells, but the fruit of Taxus has not been used in clinic. Theoretically, its ingredients are complex, and its toxicity is higher than that of bark and leaves. ”

in the folk, there are many people like to make wine with Taxus, just like making bayberry wine. Director Pang suggested that we should never do this. Although Taxus has been used in clinic, it is not a traditional Chinese medicine, just a herbal medicine.

after the above specific introduction about whether Taxus chinensis fruit can be eaten, I believe that everyone has certain psychological preparation for the consumption of Taxus chinensis fruit. Although such food has been used in life, it is only used as medicine, so we should not use it without authorization in daily life.

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