Can the okra be frozen?

if you buy a lot of okra at one time, you may not be able to eat it all in one day. At this time, you need to consider how to save it. The best storage temperature of okra is 7 to 10 ℃, which refers to fresh okra. If not stored in this temperature range, the fresh okra will soon deteriorate, making the taste bad, and nutrition loss. Okra can be stored in the refrigerator. Here is how to save the derailment.

to preserve okra, we must first understand the characteristics of okra. As we all know, if okra is at a higher temperature, its respiration is quite fast, which makes it cause rapid aging and yellowing of tissue, and leads to corruption and corruption. After a large number of scientific experiments confirmed that okra best stored at 7 ℃ to 10 ℃ environment, fresh okra about 10 days of storage.

at the same time, do not let okra directly touch ice or ice water, because once okra touches the whole ice, the whole okra will become very soft and rotten, and lose its original elastic taste.

at the same time, it should be noted that okra is very vulnerable to abrasion, and it will turn black soon after injury, so whether you are in the selection or storage, you should take and put it individually, do not squeeze it. It’s better to pack them in fresh bags before putting them in the refrigerator, and let them lie flat as far as possible.

it’s best to buy it on the same day and eat it on the same day. If you need to keep it, you can wrap it in white newspaper, then wrap it in a plastic bag or plastic wrap, and then put it in the refrigerator( It is recommended to eat it within two days, otherwise it is easy to age).

it should be noted that if the temperature is high, the okra will rot quickly. It is better not to contact ice or ice water directly when storing, because the low temperature environment will make the okra soft and rotten quickly. No matter when transporting or storing the okra, the movement should be gentle, otherwise it is easy to hurt the okra, and the damaged okra will soon change color.

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