Can tremella soup stay overnight?

it’s the most comfortable thing to drink a bowl of tremella soup in hot summer. In fact, tremella soup has many benefits for people’s health. If you drink tremella soup everyday, it not only has the function of producing fluid and relieving thirst, but also has a lot of help for sleeping and promoting the health of spleen and stomach. At the same time, tremella soup is also a food rich in collagen, Therefore, for women, drinking tremella soup is also one of the best beauty methods.

is also the tremella soup with high health value, so many people have the habit of drinking tremella soup in their daily life, and the tremella soup in the folk can not be drunk overnight, so is it really like this? Can we drink tremella soup after the night.

tremella soup is an excellent dessert in summer. It is refreshing, moist but not greasy after being chilled. It has the functions of invigorating spleen and appetizer, supplementing qi and clearing intestines, sleeping and strengthening stomach, tonifying brain, nourishing Yin, clearing heat and moistening dryness. Tremella is rich in collagen and has the effect of moisturizing the skin. But I don’t know when, there is a saying on the Internet that “tremella soup can’t stay overnight”. After studying the details, we think that the nitrate contained in tremella soup will be reduced to nitrite under the decomposition of bacteria, which will damage the human hematopoietic function and is one of the common carcinogens.

can we eat Tremella overnight? Can we eat tremella soup overnight? Is there any poison in the tremella overnight?

as like as two peas of the tremella, they can not be eaten overnight. They find that almost all the similar descriptions are quoted in the same place, because the lines and wording are the same. They are very suspicious.

there are three doubts: first of all, does Tremella contain more nitrate? Will it increase after blistering?

secondly, how much more nitrite will be added if it is stored at room temperature and in the refrigerator for 24 hours (overnight)?

third, how much do they eat? Is the intake of nitrite dangerous?

ingredients of Tremella fuciformis:

ingredients of Tremella fuciformis are mainly polysaccharides, tremella fuciformis does contain more nitrogen, including nitrate, but that is the content of dry products. After soaking, a kilo of Auricularia auricula can be changed into 9-10 kilos, and the content of nitrate has become one tenth. The content of nitrate in fresh Auricularia auricula is only about 120mg / kg, which is far lower than that in many leafy vegetables (FAO standard: 432mg / kg of nitrate in first grade fresh vegetables). The content of nitrite is about 2.5mg/kg, which is much lower than the standard of fresh vegetables (the standard of pollution-free vegetables is less than 40mg / kg). Moreover, nitrate and nitrite are highly soluble substances. During the foaming and cleaning process, they have to be dissolved in the soaking water again. Therefore, the content will further decrease if they are washed several times.

will nitrite increase after overnight storage of Tremella fuciformis?

the experimental data of Auricularia auricula is taken as an example. The content of fresh Auricularia auricula stored at room temperature and refrigerated room for 24 hours was determined. It was found that no matter what temperature, the change was very small. After 24 hours storage at room temperature, the content of nitrite increased from 2.19 mg / kg to 2.59 mg / kg. The effect of such a small change on human health can be ignored. Although there is no data of Tremella fuciformis, it is theoretically speculated that its change law should be similar to that of Auricularia auricula.

the last important question is, how many edible fungus and Tremella can people eat every day?

the usual consumption is no more than 5g dry product, which is equivalent to about 50g fresh product. If you use Tremella to make soup, the quantity is even less, and you can only eat one or two Tremella a day. Even more, the daily intake of nitrite does not exceed 0.3mg based on the fresh weight of 100g (about two bowls). The dose of nitrite poisoning is more than 200mg, hundreds of times less. In contrast, when people eat pickles, fresh vegetables and pink meat dishes, ham, sausage, cooked meat, soy sauce meat and so on, the amount of nitrite they get will be tens or even hundreds of times higher than this amount.

therefore, the so-called saying that eating Tremella overnight will cause poisoning is purely alarmist. At present, there are no reports of poisoning caused by eating overnight Tremella fuciformis or Auricularia auricula. This is only possible if someone intentionally illegally adds nitrite or nitrate to tremella fuciformis.

according to the above analysis, tremella soup overnight is safe under refrigerated condition. Of course, like all foods, the time of cold storage should not be too long. In addition, the food should be heated enough to prevent microbial infection. This is a general rule applicable to all refrigerated foods. This website also saw from the Internet that some people have asked experts for confirmation that tremella soup does not produce nitrite. Tremella soup is boiled more at a time, divided into small parts and stored in the refrigerator, which can be stored for 1-2 days, so there is no need to worry. If the tremella bubble hair more than one time, just put it into the refrigerator to avoid odor, the next day can continue to cook.

can tremella soup stay overnight? Tremella, fungi Tremella family Tremella plants, also known as Auricularia auricula, snow fungus, tremella, etc., has the “top of the fungi” reputation. It is mild in nature, sweet in taste, light in taste and non-toxic. In summer and autumn, it grows on the rotten wood of broad-leaved trees. It is distributed in Zhejiang, Fujian, Jiangsu, Jiangxi, Anhui and other provinces in China. At present, more than 100 kinds of trees are cultivated in China, such as basswood, Quercus variabilis, Quercus acutissima, Quercus glauca, Castanopsis carlesii, etc. Tremella fuciformis is not only a valuable nutritional tonic, but also a tonic for strengthening the body. Royal nobles of all dynasties regarded Tremella as “the product of prolonging life” and “the elixir of immortality”. Tremella fuciformis has the function of tonifying spleen and appetizing, benefiting qi and clearing intestines, nourishing yin and moistening lung. In addition, tremella fuciformis can enhance human immunity and enhance the tolerance of tumor patients to radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Can the decoction of Tremella fuciformis stay overnight;

has the effects of strengthening essence, tonifying kidney, moistening intestine, benefiting stomach, tonifying Qi, harmonizing blood, strengthening heart, nourishing Yin, moistening lung, generating body fluid, strengthening body, tonifying brain, refreshing, beautifying, rejuvenating skin and prolonging life; It is used to treat lung heat cough, lung dry cough, irregular menstruation, gastritis, constipation and other diseases; It is a good tonic for the patients with Yin deficiency and fire excess who are not nourishing by ginseng antler and other warm heat. The effect of Tremella fuciformis is slow and needs long time to be effective.

can tremella soup stay overnight?

with the application of refrigerator, it is more and more convenient to keep food. Can tremella soup stay overnight? Experts say overnight tremella soup is best not to drink. Shenyang food and Drug Administration recently reminded us to pay attention to eating overnight food.

tremella soup is a kind of high-grade nutritional supplement, but once overnight, nutrients will be reduced and harmful ingredients will be produced. Because Tremella contains a lot of nitrate, if it is cooked for a long time, nitrate will become nitrite.

experts found that the nitrite content in boiling water is higher than that in raw water. Nitrite can form carcinogenic nitrosamine in human body, and the content of nitrite in boiled water which is repeatedly boiled for a long time or more than 24 hours is significantly increased. The content of nitrite in boiling water was 1.3 times of that in boiling water after 24 hours. Chinese residents have the habit of drinking boiled water. It’s better to drink it now or only the same day’s boiled water, and don’t drink the boiled water that has been boiling for a long time. When the tap water is boiled and then burned for 3-5 minutes, the content of nitrite, chloride and other harmful substances is the lowest, which is most suitable for people to drink. People in some areas like to make soup, and put the endless soup in the refrigerator and boil it the next day. The healthy way to eat is: don’t put salt and other seasonings at the bottom of the soup. When the soup is cooked, scoop out what you want to drink that day with a clean spoon. If you can’t finish it, you’d better put it in the refrigerator with a jar or glassware. Because the remaining Soup for a long time in the aluminum pot, stainless steel pot, prone to chemical reaction.

can you drink tremella soup overnight? In fact, this is to analyze the specific situation. If the taste of tremella soup has changed, it’s better not to drink it. Of course, if you keep it well and do not cause bacteria, drinking it occasionally will not have much impact on your health.

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