Can walking after meals lose weight?

walking after meals is not strange to many people, because in reality, there are many people doing such a thing every day, especially many older people, who sincerely love walking after meals. So, can walking after dinner lose weight? Maybe many people have considered this issue. In fact, many people go out for a walk after eating every day not to lose weight, but to promote digestion. But in reality, many people insist that walking after meals is to lose weight.

there are many ways to lose weight, which we should know. With the gradual improvement of people’s living standards, in our society, there are more and more obese people. Many people generally want to lose weight after obesity. Now many people want to lose weight by taking a walk after meals. So, can walking after dinner lose weight? Let’s talk about this problem.

walking after meals can lose weight. Because the food to the stomach can be faster digestion, nutrition will not be all absorbed, so the stomach can also do a good exercise, will not flatulence, uncomfortable, can also achieve the effect of weight loss oh.

why is it good to take a walk after dinner?

according to the recent research of brain physiology experts, some people’s “full” is just that their stomach feels full, but the nutrition is not absorbed into the body, and the body is still in a “hungry” state. At this time, if you get up and go in a hurry, part of the blood will be concentrated in the motor system, which will delay the secretion of digestive juice, destroy the normal digestion of the stomach, and easily induce functional dyspepsia.

walking after meals has many advantages. Therefore, “walking after meals” is not suitable for all people. It is only suitable for people who usually have less activities, especially those who work at their desks for a long time. It is also suitable for people who are fat or have too much acid in their stomach. If these people take a 20 minute walk after meals, it will help promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, secretion of gastrointestinal digestive juice and digestion and absorption of food, which is conducive to health. But at least 20 minutes after a meal to start walking.

precautions for walking after meals

1 the energy consumed by rushing around after meals is actually an overdraft of the physical fitness before meals. The blood in the human body will be more distributed in the trunk, limbs and other active parts, which will reduce the blood supply of gastrointestinal tract and the secretion of digestive enzymes. At this time, if you do some activities that require high sensitivity and accuracy, such as driving, it is easy to lead to adverse consequences.

2 according to the survey of experts from the American Society of health care, many car accidents are related to the driver’s driving immediately after dinner. After dinner, when he sits in the driver’s cabin, his blood is concentrated in his stomach, his brain suffers from severe hypoxia, his attention is difficult to concentrate, his reaction speed is slowed down, and his flexibility is reduced.

3 some people are suitable for “unable to walk” after meals, which refers to people with poor constitution, especially those with gastroptosis and other diseases. These people should not take a walk after meals, even the general walk should also be reduced, you can choose to lie down for 10 minutes after meals.

4 because after a meal, the stomach is full of food, and then upright activities will increase the vibration of the stomach, increase the burden of the stomach, and cause or aggravate gastroptosis. Patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases most avoid exercise after meals. Because of the increase of gastrointestinal activity after meals, the blood flow in the gastrointestinal region increases, and the blood flow in the brain decreases accordingly.

therefore, through the detailed introduction of the above article, we not only know the answer to the above question, the answer is that walking after meals can lose weight; At the same time, we also learned that walking after meals has many benefits for our human body, such as: promoting intestinal peristalsis to promote digestion; Promote the secretion of gastric juice and so on, which are good for our body.

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