Can we drink sour wine and precautions

many of us like to drink wine very much. There are many kinds of precautions for drinking wine. Only by paying attention to these precautions can we avoid unnecessary harm to our body and help us appreciate the taste of wine, A small amount of wine can also effectively improve our intestinal digestion ability. Let’s learn about whether sour wine can be drunk and the precautions.

1 depends on whether the acidity of your wine is normal. If there is a rotten or irritating sour taste, it is considered to have deteriorated and can not be drunk again, causing damage to the body; If the taste of wine itself is very fragrant and mellow, and the acidity is mild, then it can be drunk. But it’s better to pour out the clear wine and filter out the impurities (peel, seed, etc.) to keep it.

since you say it’s not normal sour, you’d better not drink it and throw it away. It’s not good for your health to drink it. Your wine doesn’t ferment well. If it goes bad, the bad drink will certainly affect your health The change of acid indicates the beginning of oxidation deterioration, but it is not the deterioration that can not be drunk. It means that under the catalysis of acetic acid bacteria, acetic acid can be produced by reaction. It is still drinkable, but the taste is not very good.

grape is a kind of microbial fermented food. The change of acidity indicates that it is infected with other acid producing bacteria, such as Acetobacter, lactic acid bacteria and so on. Although vinegar and yogurt are produced by rational use of them, the metabolites produced under this condition are not guaranteed to be harmless, so it depends on the situation.

it needs to be reminded that if you leave it too long and the taste changes obviously, don’t drink it, so as not to hurt your body.

before we drink wine, we must know whether sour wine can be drunk and the precautions in advance, so as to help us taste wine more delicious without any toxic side effects. We can also try to make grape wine by ourselves, and the wine made by ourselves will be more delicious.

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