Can we drink the homemade wine?

wine actually has good health care effect. It can help us to improve our beauty, prevent and treat some cardiovascular diseases, and prevent and treat cerebral thrombosis. Therefore, wine is a kind of health wine for our health, Many people will ask what is the difference between homemade wine and wine purchased from outside. Can homemade wine be drunk or not?

although it is said that there is a certain difference between homemade wine and wine purchased outside, and some steps in the process of brewing may not be very comprehensive, generally homemade wine can be drunk.

homemade wine is completely drinkable. The efficacy of

wine: prevention and treatment of wine and cardiovascular disease. The Proanthocyanidins in

wine can stabilize the collagen fibers of various membranes and inhibit the decarboxylation of histidine?, Avoid? Excessive ammonia can reduce the permeability of vascular wall and prevent arteriosclerosis. In addition, proanthocyanidins

are at risk of death. According to the statistics of the American Medical Research Association, the French and Italians who like to drink low alcohol wine have the lowest death rate of heart disease, while the Americans and Finns who drink more spirits and less wine have a high death rate of heart disease.

efficacy of wine: the prevention and treatment of wine on cerebral thrombosis

wine contains resveratrol, which is a plant antitoxin and has the effect of inhibiting platelet aggregation. The resveratrol in wine exists in grape skin. Is it a kind of new wine? In red wine, it contains about 1 microgram per liter, while in white wine, it only contains 0.2 microgram. The results showed that even diluted red wine 1000 times, it was still effective in inhibiting platelet aggregation, and the inhibition rate was 42%, which could reduce the occurrence of cerebral thrombosis.

wine can have a certain nutritional and health care effect on our health, but it is absolutely based on a scientific drinking. You should know that no matter what kind of wine, in fact, as long as you abide by some of its dietary principles, you can play its health care role, otherwise it will only bring harm to you.

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