Can we drink water during exercise and the precautions

there are many things to pay attention to during exercise. If improper exercise will bring great harm to ourselves, there are many things after exercise that need to be paid attention to, so as not to bring unnecessary harm to our body, Presumably, we don’t know much about whether we can drink water during exercise and what we should pay attention to. It’s necessary to know more about this. Let’s learn about whether we can drink water during exercise and what we should pay attention to.

how much water do you lose in sports! The amount of sweat lost in an hour’s aerobic dance is close to a bottle of mineral water in a small package.

the amount of sweat during exercise is mainly related to the exercise environment and exercise intensity. The higher the exercise intensity is, the worse the air mobility of the exercise environment is, and the more sweat is lost. Take the regular exercise of ordinary people, such as one hour aerobic dance and low and medium intensity jogging, for example, usually lose about 500cc of sweat after exercise. If you play basketball in the hot sun or increase the intensity of exercise, the water loss may be nearly 1000cc.

in addition, when the body loses a lot of water after exercise, the concentration of salt in the blood will increase, and increase the burden of cardiovascular operation. Therefore, if it is not supplemented timely, it will affect the operation of cardiovascular function.

principle of water supplement during exercise

water supplement should be divided into three stages: before exercise, about 500cc water should be supplemented, during exercise, 100cc-150cc water should be supplemented intermittently every 10-15 minutes, and after exercise, it should be supplemented as much as possible. Since it takes 20-30 minutes for water to enter the gastrointestinal tract and then be absorbed by the human body, drinking a large amount of water at one time will concentrate the drinking water in the stomach instead of achieving the purpose of replenishing water.

can we drink water when we exercise? We must pay attention to the matters needing attention. Only in this way can we avoid the unnecessary harm caused by these common sense problems. At the same time, we must choose our own sports and do not exercise too much, otherwise it will bring us a lot of problems.

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