Can we eat carrots when we drink Chinese medicine?

because when we have some diseases, besides western medicine treatment, people will also choose Chinese medicine treatment. In fact, Chinese medicine treatment is more effective for our health, and there are no side effects. However, when we drink Chinese medicine, we need to pay attention to some diet collocations, For example, when drinking traditional Chinese medicine, you can’t eat carrots. Let’s find out why you can’t eat carrots when drinking traditional Chinese medicine.

although carrots are the most frequently eaten food in our life, different food combinations may cause adverse reactions, so I hope you can abide by these principles in your daily diet, which is more conducive to our health care.

nourishing traditional Chinese medicine is not to eat radish. Nourishing traditional Chinese medicine can nourish Qi, blood, yin and Yang of the whole body by Tonifying Qi. Radish has the effect of breaking Qi, which will greatly weaken the nourishing effect. Therefore, radish should not be eaten during taking nourishing traditional Chinese medicine.

1. When taking traditional Chinese medicine, do not drink strong tea, because tea contains tannic acid, and strong tea contains more tannic acid. When taken together with traditional Chinese medicine, it will affect the absorption of effective ingredients in traditional Chinese medicine, and reduce the curative effect. It is not suitable to take white radish (except for taking Qi dispersing phlegm medicine) when taking traditional Chinese medicine, because white radish has the effect of digestion and Qi breaking, especially when taking tonic traditional Chinese medicine such as ginseng, Eating white radish will reduce the effect of tonic and make it lose its tonic effect and fail to achieve the purpose of treatment.

2. Patients with digestive tract diseases, such as hepatitis and chronic gastroenteritis, should not take garlic when taking spleen invigorating, stomach warming and stomach medicine. Garlic contains allicin, which can stimulate gastrointestinal mucosa and cause mucosal congestion, When taking traditional Chinese medicine, you can’t eat pepper, especially for hot diseases. When taking Qingre Liangxue or Ziyin anti-inflammatory drugs, you should not eat pepper. Pepper can reduce the efficacy, make the treatment ineffective or weaken the curative effect. When taking traditional Chinese medicine decoction and pills, you should avoid raw, cold and greasy food, Greasy food is not easy to digest and absorb, and the mixture of greasy food and drugs can hinder the gastrointestinal absorption of effective components of drugs, thus reducing the curative effect; Edema disease avoid salt; Hepatitis patients avoid spicy, spicy and greasy food; Avoid taking fish, shrimp and crab when taking Schizonepeta tenuifolia; Avoid taking carp in winter; When taking Atractylodes macrocephala, avoid taking garlic, etc.

after reading the above introduction, I believe you have the answer to whether you can eat carrots when drinking traditional Chinese medicine. In fact, when drinking too much urine, we do not recommend eating carrots, because it may reduce the efficacy, and may also bring more adverse effects to the body, so I hope you can pay attention to it.

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