Can we eat peanuts sprouting?

peanuts are a kind of food that many people like to eat. They are rich in high protein and various nutrients needed by human body, which can effectively help us promote digestion and prevent constipation. However, we all know that peanuts are easy to sprout after long storage, Well, do you know whether sprouted peanuts are edible, or whether they have adverse effects on our health?

in general, what we hear most in our life is that potatoes sprout and absolutely can’t be eaten, but many people don’t know much about peanuts, but in fact sprouted peanuts are not good for our health, So I hope everyone can pay attention to these dietary principles.

as we all know, sprouted potatoes contain toxic solanine, which can make people poisoned and inedible, and sprouted peanuts can not be eaten. Peanut is easy to germinate and mildew under the condition of high temperature, high humidity and sufficient oxygen. Peanut sprouted, damaged the skin, prone to Aspergillus flavus, parasitic mold and other mold. It has been proved that Aspergillus flavus has strong toxicity, and it is also a strong carcinogen, which can cause liver cancer.

therefore, do not eat peanuts once they sprout. Peanuts should be stored in a low temperature and dry environment. Before eating, the discolored, moldy and broken peanuts should be picked up and thrown away, and rubbed repeatedly. Peanut containing aflatoxin tastes bitter. In case of eating it carelessly, spit it out immediately and gargle with water repeatedly.

through understanding, we can find that sprouted peanuts will actually bring adverse effects on our health, so we suggest that we can pay attention to these common sense of diet in our daily life, so as to avoid some adverse effects and make ourselves eat healthily.

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