Can we often eat Luffa during pregnancy?

we all know that when pregnant women are pregnant, it’s better to have more rest, eat well, and be in a good mood. In the final analysis, they need to rest, which is the best for the growth and development of the baby and the resistance of pregnant women. We need to better control the diet of pregnant women, so can we eat Luffa, Let’s learn about some basic eating habits of pregnant women in summer.

Luffa has high nutritional value. It contains B vitamins and vitamin C such as protein, fat, carbohydrate, crude fiber, calcium, phosphorus, iron, citrulline and riboflavin. It also contains ginsenoside, which is the component of ginseng. It can remove heat and benefit intestines, remove weathered phlegm, cool blood and detoxify, dredge channels and collaterals, activate blood vessels and lower milk. It can also treat sinusitis, cough, edema, bloody stool and urine, blocked milk, foot moisture, alopecia areata and other diseases. Pregnant women can eat, but also in moderation.

loofah contains vitamin B1 which can prevent skin aging and vitamin C which can whiten skin. It can protect skin, eliminate plaque, make skin white and tender. It has a good effect on beauty and maintenance of pregnant women’s skin. The calcium and phosphorus contained in Luffa are also sufficient supplement for pregnant women, which can effectively prevent the occurrence of dental caries in pregnant women and promote the formation and calcification of fetal teeth and bones.

warm tips: Luffa has the effect of clearing away heat and benefiting intestines. If you eat it often, it can dredge channels and collaterals, promote blood circulation, clear away heat and cool blood, benefit intestines and stomach, diuresis and detumescence, detoxify and defecate, generate saliva and quench thirst, dispel wind and phlegm, moisten muscles, and improve constipation of pregnant women.

the diet and living habits during pregnancy are very important. We must pay more attention to the reaction of pregnant women and babies. The performance of Luffa is relatively cold, so it is best for pregnant women to put some eggs in when eating Luffa, which can not only balance the cold of Luffa, but also supplement some protein, In addition, although the nutrition of towel gourd is very good, it is best not to eat too much at one time.

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