Can white porridge clear the intestines and stomach?

Can white porridge clear the intestines and stomach?

can white porridge clear the intestines and stomach? Subian is a common situation in our daily life. Because the release of Subian usually has problems such as abnormal intestinal tract and excretion, many friends naturally think about the cleaning of intestinal tract. As a common food in daily life, white porridge has high calorie, low nutrition, but contains protein, and is rich in carbohydrates, which can promote digestion and stimulate gastric secretion. It is a good food for nourishing the stomach.

as the white porridge does not have the effect of moistening the intestines and defecating, on the contrary, the white porridge contains starch and carbohydrates that are not easy to decompose, so the white porridge not only has the characteristics of moistening the intestines and defecating, promoting the excretion and cleaning the intestinal food. Therefore, porridge should not be used as a food for moistening intestines and defecating, promoting metabolism and alleviating various symptoms of Subian.

on the contrary, the food with bowel clearing and defecation usually has the characteristics of high dietary fiber, lactic acid bacteria and promoting intestinal peristalsis. Therefore, the food to clean up the intestines should be more coarse grains, water, grains, beans, seaweed, apples, yogurt, rich in oligosaccharides. At the same time, we should avoid high heat and high fat, because intestinal obstruction, intestinal waste deposition and high heat and high fat food is not easy to digest have a great relationship, coupled with the characteristics of intestinal wall folds, more likely to cause waste intestinal deposition.

although there are a lot of food to clean the intestines and stomach, different foods have their own advantages and disadvantages, so we should pay attention to choose according to the actual situation of our body. In order to ensure the effect of intestinal cleaning, in addition to the method of food, but also with the help of exercise, rest time and other ways, so as to better ensure gastrointestinal health.

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