Can wild jujube juice wild jujube juice wild jujube juice

? Jujube is a kind of jujube which is a kind of baby. It has always been a good product of health preservation. With the progress of technology, the processing of sour jujube is more diversified, and it can be eaten raw jujube and can also be processed into sour jujube juice. Many pregnant women are also very fond of jujube juice, let’s take a look at pregnant women can drink jujube juice?

jujube juice is rich in nutrition, protein, fat, glucose, fructose content are very high, can provide adequate nutrition for the human body, but also has a certain role in health care, for upset, palpitations, forgetfulness, neurasthenia has a certain effect.

can pregnant women drink jujube juice? Pregnant women in life can be appropriate to drink jujube juice, but not excessive. A new method of making jujube juice beverage is introduced. The jujube juice is extracted from the jujube by special technology. The concentrated nutrition jujube juice beverage is made by enzymolysis, clarification, filtration, vacuum concentration, ultra-high temperature instantaneous sterilization, aseptic cold filling and other processes. The original nutrition and flavor of the jujube are maintained to the maximum extent. It is natural, green, healthy and pollution-free. It is a kind of beverage with high nutritional value.

using extraction technology and enzymatic hydrolysis technology can maximize the juice yield, increase the utilization rate of raw materials, reduce costs. Compared with the traditional sterilization and filling methods, the ultra-high temperature instantaneous sterilization and aseptic cold filling technology can reduce the loss of nutritional components of Zizyphus jujuba, maximize the preservation of vitamin content in the beverage, so that the shelf life of the product can reach more than 18 months without adding any preservatives, and ensure the safety of the product. This product has strong jujube flavor, pure flavor and rich nutrition.

above is for pregnant women can drink jujube juice introduction, hope to bring you some help. Pregnant women in pregnancy is prone to anorexia, drink jujube juice can play an appetizer role, let pregnant women more comfortable. But pregnant women in the choice of the best is to choose their own squeeze, for the needs of the market to buy less, which is harmful to the body additives.

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