Can you eat fish gall? Don’t eat fish gall!

Can you eat fish gall? Don’t eat fish gall!

can you eat fish gall? Don’t eat fish gall!

there is a thing that people can eat and then be directly sent to the hospital. What I’m talking about is not a piece of red in ancient costume, but a part of fish that can be seen often: fish gall! In fact, the news of fish gall poisoning is common in recent years, but some people still believe in the treatment of fish gall. As a result, they were admitted to the hospital. No, Ms. Zeng in Anhui nearly died after eating the gall of a grass carp.

when she talked about eating fish gall, Ms. Zeng, who was lying in the hospital bed, regretted that she often heard the old man say that snake gall can cure gout and expel wind and dampness. She mistakenly thought that fish gall was ok, so she ate it. At that time, she felt uncomfortable and vomited. She was sent to the emergency department by her husband in the middle of the night. Doctors said that Ms. Zeng’s symptoms were typical of fish gall poisoning, and because the fish she ate had more courage, the degree of poisoning was deep, which had caused serious damage to the liver, kidney and heart.

why is fish gall poisonous?

fish gall is the gall bladder of fish, which is located on the ventral side of the trunk of fish. It is mainly used to contain the bile secreted by the hepatopancreas of fish. As we all know, when dealing with fish, do not break the fish gall, otherwise the taste of fish will be bitter. In fact, there is a highly toxic protein decomposition product in fish bile, namely bile toxin. Fresh fish bile also contains bile acid and water-soluble sodium cyprinol sulfate, which can cause serious damage to liver, kidney and heart. If not treated in time, it may even lead to death. Besides grass gall, gall of black carp, silver carp, perch and carp can also cause poisoning.

the severity of fish bile poisoning was related to the dosage. Some people can have nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea and other gastrointestinal symptoms 30-90 minutes after eating, some can develop vitreous after 8 hours, severe poisoning can be accompanied by vomiting, brown liquid and soy sauce color watery stool, 6-12 hours after scleral yellow staining, liver distending pain, etc; Then waist pain, oliguria or anuria, accompanied by chest tightness, palpitation, shortness of breath, serious can occur acute renal failure. At present, there is no specific antidote for fish gall poisoning, so we should send it to the doctor in time. In recent years, we often use early hemodialysis treatment, and the prognosis can be significantly improved.

it has always been said that fish gall can clear the liver and eyesight, clear away heat and toxin, relieve cough and asthma. Moreover, because fish gall is easy to obtain, poisoning incidents occur from time to time. Relevant studies have shown that eating more than 2.5 grams of fish gall at a time can lead to poisoning. If you swallow a fish gall raw, you can imagine the consequences. Swallowing fish bile, fish bile toxin will quickly act on gastrointestinal, liver, kidney and other organs, within half an hour, it can cause gastrointestinal toxic reaction, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea and other symptoms, and then serious clinical emergencies, serious multiple organ failure can occur, rescue is not timely, easy to lead to death. Moreover, the most important thing is that there is no special antidote for fish gall poisoning, so do not try.

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