Can you eat watermelon directly after abortion?

after abortion, there will be some subtle harm to women’s psychology and body. At this time, the patient needs the careful care of his family. In addition, abortion consumes the same physical strength as production, so the matters needing attention are basically the same. In addition, the diet after abortion should pay attention to avoid stimulating food, Because the nursing is not correct, there will be problems after childbirth, so do not be careless.

post abortion care: 1. Within one month after abortion, it is forbidden to have sex and take a bath. You can wash your hair with warm water. If you take a bath, you should avoid catching cold.

2. Return visit to hospital 2 weeks after operation. If possible, you can rest for one to two weeks to avoid strenuous exercise and catching cold. You should eat more nutritious and digestible food, such as chicken soup, fish soup, spareribs soup, etc. eat fresh vegetables and fruits properly. Spicy and irritating food is forbidden.

3. Eat more fruits rich in vitamins and dietary fiber during abortion. Such as apple, fresh orange, Xiangjiao. If it is summer, watermelon can be eaten. Eating watermelon in an appropriate amount is not harmful to the spleen and stomach, but also can promote appetite, which is good for health, but don’t eat too much, because watermelon is cool. During confinement, the puerpera is weak, so it’s not suitable to eat more, and it’s better to eat less.

4. Watermelon should not be eaten too much, because watermelon belongs to cold food, anyone who eats too much will hurt the spleen and stomach, resulting in poor appetite, indigestion and gastrointestinal resistance, causing abdominal distension and diarrhea.

warm tips: Although the fruit is to eat, but also can not eat, especially after abortion friends, before eating must first understand the nature of this fruit or vegetable, too cold food should not drink ah.

for our female friends, after abortion, both physical and psychological damage will be caused to varying degrees, so we must pay more attention to our body after surgery, and pay more attention to diet, so as to help our body recover greatly. If the recovery is not good, it will affect the future fertility, So the diet after abortion is very important.

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