Can you still drink

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can you still drink expired beer

as we all know, food has a shelf life. Once it exceeds the shelf life, it will cause harm to the body, and it will be very easy to be poisoned. Beer is also the most prone to deterioration when it is expired, and various indicators will decline accordingly, May appear turbid phenomenon, there is a little sediment, this kind of beer had better drink less, try not to drink. Don’t give up for a moment to cause the last physical trouble. Therefore, do not drink expired beer for your own good health.

the magic of expired beer

in fact, expired beer should not be reluctant, because it has many magic effects, such as: expired beer can be used to wash hair; Washing silk fabrics with expired beer; Wipe the refrigerator with beer; Wipe the glass with beer; The remaining beer can wipe the leaves of plants and water flowers. In addition, beer can do beauty.

it’s a pity to throw away the expired beer. So, what are its help and magical effects on our home life? Now let’s take a look at the Seven Magic effects of expired beer, turning waste into treasure.

1, shampoo, hair care: beer contains barley and hops. Shampoo with beer can make your hair smooth, shiny and dandruff free. After washing the hair with shampoo, add expired beer into the water to soak or rinse the hair. Barley and hops contained in the beer will bring certain nutrients to the hair and make the dry hair full of luster.

2, flower cultivation and flower protection: beer is slightly acidic, which can adjust the pH of soil and make acid loving flowers grow more luxuriant. Use one-third of beer and two-thirds of water to mix it. Take a soft cloth with the mixed beer liquid to gently scrub the leaves of flowers. One can wipe away the dust, and the other is to fertilize the leaves, such as Clivia. After being scrubbed, the leaves are very glossy and add some ornamental value. This is mainly because the nutrients in the beer dissolve on the surface of the leaves. Pouring the remaining beer directly into the flowerpot is also an excellent fertilizer, because the enzymes in the beer will make the flowers grow luxuriantly, which makes the flowers more colorful and moving.

3, wipe the refrigerator, remove the smell: with a cloth stained with beer to wipe the refrigerator, can decontamination, sterilization, but also to remove the smell of the refrigerator. After the towel stained with beer is wrung dry, wipe the surface inside the refrigerator. The refrigerator will not only look bright and clean, but also play the role of disinfection and sterilization.

4, cleaning silk fabrics: washing silk clothes with beer can make the clothes smooth, bright color and restore the original appearance. Guide: silk fabrics are often dark and old due to frequent washing or improper cleaning. First, pour the beer into cold water, then soak the cleaned clothes in, soak for about 15 minutes, then rinse and dry. The original bright color will return to its original appearance.

5. Add color to clothes: soak dark clothes in water with beer to make them soft and restore their original color. New clothes don’t discolor easily after soaking. When we wash clothes, we add some beer and soak the clothes for 15 minutes before washing. It will not only make the clothes softer, but also make some faded dark cotton clothes return to their original color.

6. Cleaning glass: beer is a colloidal solution. Wiping glass with dishcloth dipped in beer will not only make the glass bright, but also leave no fiber of dishcloth after wiping the glass. If the window glass is dirty, you can dip the towel with some beer, dry it and wipe it with a clean cloth. The glass will be very bright. This is because after wiping the glass with beer, the alcohol in the beer disperses, making the glass crystal clear.

7, fresh flowers: beer can also keep fresh flowers, because beer contains ethanol, sugar and other nutrients. Add a little beer to the container where the flowers are placed, and you can extend the fresh-keeping period of the flowers.

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