Can you still eat the deteriorated fruit?

Can you still eat the deteriorated fruit?

can fruit be eaten after deterioration?

now is the season for a large number of melons and fruits to appear on the market, but the weather is hot and it may rot if you don’t pay attention to it. Some middle-aged and old people also want to buy some fruits that are not fresh and have injuries. As the saying goes: & lt; Better a mouthful of fresh peaches than a basket of rotten pears;, From the perspective of modern food hygiene and safety, this sentence is very correct. Once the fruit is rotten, it’s better not to eat it.

many people think that it doesn’t matter if the fruit is rotten. They can eat the broken part after cutting it. This kind of understanding is not correct! In addition to bruises or frostbite caused by low temperature, fruits in summer are easily infected by microorganisms, leading to mildew and decay. This kind of fruit has only one end: into the garbage can.

apples, oranges and other fruits that are stored improperly or for a long time will appear mildew on the surface, and rotten fruits contain mycotoxins. Penicillium expansum is the most common one, which produces patulin, which is the biggest threat to health, causing damage to nervous system, respiratory system, urinary system, gastrointestinal dysfunction, kidney edema and other diseases, There is even a risk of cancer. Most importantly, these toxins are not only present in the rotten part of the fruit, but may also penetrate into the flesh that looks normal.

an investigation by Chinese Academy of Preventive Medical Sciences found that patulin was found in the moldy apple, even in the part with normal appearance, and the content was 3 mg / kg (10% – 50% of the moldy part). Because, although the remaining part is not rotten, all kinds of harmful substances produced by microbial metabolism of rotten part can penetrate and spread to the normal part through fruit juice, especially fungi, which propagate rapidly in fruits, and many of them will produce toxic substances in the process of reproduction.

therefore, it’s better to eat a mouthful of fresh fruit than a basket of rotten fruit. Never try to buy stale fruit cheaply. It’s not recommended to buy fruit pieces in supermarkets. For the sake of health, choose fresh fruits with bright skin color, fresh and tender meat and fragrance, such as small spots or a small amount of insects; Trauma & quot;, You can use a knife to dig out the wormhole and the pulp more than 1 cm around. The fruits with moldy, rotten or large wormhole area should be discarded decisively.

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