Can you still eat the food if it falls on the ground?

Can you still eat the food if it falls on the ground?

can food still be eaten when it falls on the ground?

for the vast majority of people, when food falls to the ground, they will definitely not want to pick it up and eat it. But, you know, that’s all you have! And I haven’t eaten for a day! Think about it, this pair of spicy chicken wings are still steaming. Are you picking them up or picking them up?

your concern, well, of course, is that it looks and feels very dirty. Think about it. How many pairs of shoes pass over the place where the chicken wings are lying. They may have been to the toilet or stepped on dog poop. Salmonella, Escherichia coli, and other bacteria that cause all kinds of diseases may have climbed onto the surface of chicken wings.

5 is the iron law reliable?

2007, experts published research, denied the reliability of the five second rule. He dropped sausages and bread on Salmonella contaminated tiles, carpets and wooden floors, left food on them for five seconds, 30 seconds and 60 seconds, and recorded the amount of bacteria transferred to the food at different times.

results showed that the number of bacteria transferred to food depends largely on the contaminated area of food surface. The material of the floor will also have an impact. For example, the food that falls on the carpet will transfer less bacteria, less than 1%. But when food comes into contact with bacteria covered tiles and wooden floors, 48% to 70% of the bacteria are contaminated within five seconds.

all these show that whether food is contaminated by bacteria has nothing to do with the length of time food falls on the ground.

so, are you going to give up that pair of spicy chicken wings? Take it easy, young man. Even so, experts say, even if your food is contaminated with bacteria, so what? Eat it, your body will be OK! Because the bacteria on it are rarely pathogenic.

recently, NASA engineers conducted another experiment to confirm & lt; Five second law; It’s true. However, the premise is that the side where the food falls on the ground is dry.

only when the food on the ground is wet, or the ground is wet, such food will really have problems. Because E. coli, Salmonella and Listeria are very fond of humid environment, they will absorb the necessary nutrients from the water, and then grow and reproduce.

once a wet food falls on the ground for more than 30 seconds, it will contaminate 10 times more bacteria than the food picked up after falling on the ground for three seconds.

the study also found that the type of ground food fell on was very similar. Generally speaking, it is better for food to fall on carpet or blanket than on linoleum, because the contact area between food and carpet or blanket surface is smaller than that of linoleum. In this way, bacteria will spread to food more slowly.

women are more likely to eat food on the ground

among the respondents, 70% of women and 56% of men are familiar with the five second rule, while women are more likely to eat things that fall on the ground, the study reported.

a survey conducted by Aston University found that about 87% of the respondents believed in the five second rule, and 55% of them were women. 2223, 333,

: can you pick up the food that falls on the ground? Xiaobian thinks that we don’t have to worry too much about the five second rule. Some netizens have summed up that it mainly depends on three points: first, whether the food is expensive, second, whether it tastes good, and last but not least, whether there is anyone nearby & hellip& hellip;

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