Can you still use the expired sanitary napkin?

the expired sanitary napkin may contain mold, which will cause harm to women’s body. But it’s a pity to throw away the expired sanitary napkin. It will have some unexpected magical effects? Today, let’s share these little magical effects, let’s have a look!

Do sanitary napkins expire?

sanitary napkins will expire. It’s better for women to throw away the expired sanitary napkins, because the expired sanitary napkins may contain mold. If women use them, it is easy to cause vaginal infection or some gynecological diseases such as vaginitis, which will damage the health of women’s vagina and cause some discomfort to women’s body, Therefore, women’s buttocks will be worn out when they ride a long distance! It must be that every man and woman riding on the bicycle has encountered this embarrassing thing & hellip& hellip; Paste a few pieces, immediately become comfortable soft seat, super practical!

buttocks do not hurt, the inner thigh will wear ah! Paste, where need paste! You can stick one piece on each side of the thigh root, which is effective for personal test!

2, when you go out, it is used as insole

, which is soft, comfortable and breathable, so that your feet don’t hurt and stink when you travel thousands of miles every day! Use aunt towel to ensure that all your Xianggang feet, Macao feet and Taiwan feet are done! There are so many things in one fell swoop. Why not do it!

3, put on the hat clothes to make sweat pad

lovely girls go out in summer will wear a hat shading, is often sweating ah, don’t worry, clothes and hats inside the sanitary napkin, invisible and sweat absorption. Daily light, you are worth it!

4, put in the shoes when the desiccant

sanitary napkin is simply outdoor artifact. Think about when you go camping outdoors. After a day’s walking, your shoes will have a lot of moisture. If you leave them for another night, you will find that your shoes are too wet to wear. If you put a piece of sanitary napkin in your shoes at night, you will find that your shoes are dry the next day. It’s good for you!

5, anytime and anywhere as toilet paper

now people use toilet paper is too bad to use, poor water absorption, and easy to wipe, leaving paper scraps, very unsanitary, it is recommended that friends with conditions use sanitary napkins instead of toilet paper & hellip& hellip; For example, if you look at the coffee poured, it’s gone after wiping it! Is it amazing?!

it can be packed in a small bag, which is safe, sterile, hygienic, not rotten, high-grade and fragrant& hellip; That’s sour!

it is reported that in hot Iraq, American soldiers use sanitary napkins to wipe sweat! How tall!

6 It can be used as an emergency puff

. It’s killing to make up outdoors! No puffs! Quickly split the sanitary napkin, and then fold the two halves with the sticky side, and use the middle layer as a powder puff to make up.

7, when the cooling artifact

outdoor camping suddenly fever how to do! Can be soaked in cold water sanitary napkins, new heat paste!

8, when injured, when hemostatic paste

outdoor travel injured bleeding how to do? Don’t panic, take a bag of sanitary napkins to stop bleeding. But it can’t be used too long, because it’s a vampire. Be careful to suck up all our blood. As long as you see that the blood stops, take it away.

9, can be used as an anti-virus mask

the earth’s climate is getting worse and worse, the north is windy and sandy, the south is heavy with car exhaust, we live in such an environment every day, it is necessary to wear masks & hellip& hellip; The current masks are either too thin to wear, or too thick to breathe, which makes people feel uncomfortable & hellip& hellip;

it is recommended that you use sanitary napkin as a mask. It is soft, comfortable, breathable and fragrant. It can help you filter out the dust virus and leave you free breathing. Usage: just tie a small rope on each corner of the sanitary napkin to wear! Simple and practical & hellip& hellip;

10, two pieces of combination is eye mask

, a little processing is a simple eye mask! If it’s troublesome, you can put a piece on your eyes when you go to bed directly, which can protect your eyes from sun and sweat. It’s said that sanitary napkins can also eliminate dark circles under your eyes.


1, emergency escape props

in case of fire, water the sanitary napkin, then cover your mouth and nose and escape from the scene.

2, used for emergency water absorption

how to do with ceiling leakage? How to connect the water basin? No, use the sanitary napkin directly. Fix the sanitary napkin to the leaking position with adhesive tape. Be careful not to reverse it.

3, used as mouse pad

is often found at home mouse pad missing, how to do? Don’t worry, you can open a bag of sanitary napkins and pad it under the mouse! The mouse indicates that the new cushion is very cool to use, ahaaha!

4, when the beauty ice cushion

soak the sanitary napkin, then screw it dry and put it in the refrigerator, you can make the beauty ice cushion! It’s cool and comfortable!

5, used as deodorant

aunt towel all kinds of suction & hellip& hellip; Adsorption odor performance is also super, so put an aunt towel in the refrigerator, can be very good adsorption of all kinds of odor in the refrigerator, ensure that the refrigerator tasteless.

6, paintbrush water absorption, I am the strongest

, very easy to use! Absolute second kill paper towel!

7, super anti perspiration paste, super anti perspiration paste

, sweat under the armpit, wet two big pieces! Don’t be afraid, two pieces, sweat and smell! Solve all your embarrassments!

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