Can you tell true hunger from false hunger? The four major causes of false hunger are

, which is true! Hunger is a fake! Some people will say, how can you not even know whether you are really hungry or not? If you don’t believe me, I’d like to take a look at them with you; Fake hunger & quot; State, have you ever?

“ I’m so hungry; When you want to eat, ask yourself, do you have one of the following three feelings? If not, keep your mouth shut!

1, stomach grunt

when people are really hungry, the body will send out signals, such as: stomach & quot; Gollum & quot; Call. When a person is in a state of fasting, the secretion of gastric acid will begin to increase, and then the stomach will contract. At this time, the air and water in the stomach will be squeezed back and forth, thus emitting & lt; Gollum & quot; The sound of the sound.

2, slight dizziness

& lt; I’m going to faint from hunger; It’s not casual. When the body is hungry and the food in the stomach is emptied, the blood sugar that can provide energy to the human body will be greatly reduced, resulting in insufficient blood supply to the brain, making people feel dizzy and lack of oxygen.

3, stomach discomfort

if you want to eat when you have stomach acid, stomach colic symptoms, it is really hungry. A strong sense of hunger will make the stomach continuously secrete gastric acid. When the secreted gastric acid reaches a certain level, it will cause irritation to the gastric mucosa. In this case, you need to drink warm water to ease before eating.

in fact, & lt; Fake hunger & quot; Except for the three & lt; I’m so hungry; In addition to feeling, it also has one of the biggest characteristics: you have to eat specific food to satisfy yourself! Ordinary people & lt; I’m so hungry; They may also have preferences, but they are more about what to eat than & lt; Fake hunger & quot; So you have to eat certain foods (pizza, fried chicken, cake & hellip& hellip;) must not!

Four major reasons lead to & lt; Fake hunger & quot;

; I’m so hungry; And & lt; Fake hunger & quot; After that, some people may have doubts: why do people appear; Fake hunger & quot; How do you feel? Don’t worry, Xiao Bian will analyze with you.

1 and

were prone to & lt; Fake hunger & quot; It’s because the brain puts & quot; Thirst & quot; And & lt; Hungry & quot; I’m confused! Let you mistakenly think that your body lacks energy and needs to eat. So the next time you want to eat, you might as well drink a glass of water to see if you are still hungry; Fake hunger & quot; I’ve been cheated!

2, mood fluctuation

& lt; Fake hunger & quot; The appearance of feeling is also related to people’s emotions. When a person’s mood fluctuates greatly, it will cause interference to the nervous system that controls appetite, resulting in abnormal appetite and the occurrence of & lt; Fake hunger & quot; A sense of humor. This is also why people in a low mood, pressure, easy to overeat.

3, lack of sleep

lack of sleep will not only make your skin worse, but also cause & lt; Fake hunger & quot; Feeling makes you fat! When people don’t sleep enough, the secretion of ghrelin in the body will increase, and leptin, which suppresses appetite, will decrease, making people eat much more food than the normal operation of the body.

4, eat wrong

when people can’t provide enough to eat; Satiety & quot; No matter how much you eat & lt; Fake hunger & quot; It’s easy to get close! And & lt; Satiety & quot; The higher the cortisol, the more hungry people are; Increasing leptin level will increase satiety. Therefore, we should eat more foods that inhibit cortisol, such as poultry, fish, eggs and milk, or eat more non starch vegetables to stimulate leptin secretion.

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