Can’t you finish eating berries? Teach you how to solve the trivial problems in life

Can’t you finish eating berries? Teach you to solve trivial problems of life

teach you to solve trivial problems of life

1, washing powder is often not used up on the bad!

don’t worry, buy the following materials as soon as possible: detergent, softener, borax, waterlogging and soda powder, make your own washing powder! This is not only a good way to keep it for one year, but also an economical way.

2. What should we do when we run out of candles but there is still a little wax left?

pour the residue into the new candle! This is not only not a waste, but also enough to smell different candle aroma!

3, are you still using expensive light bulbs?

replace it with light bulb or LED bulb, it will definitely help you reduce a lot of expenses!

4. Did you lose your tea bag after making tea?

don’t do that! Functions of tea bag: apply it to eyes to eliminate edema, exfoliate lips and make lips pink and tender. In addition, applying tea bag to wound can accelerate wound recovery. Finally, do you think the tea in the teabag is useless? Wrong, it’s the best fertilizer for the soil!

5. How long does the iPhone last?

hurry up & lt; Set & quot; Find out & lt; General settings;, And & lt; Background application rearrangement & quot; Shut down, and save you a lot of electricity!

6, soap wash to a little bit how to do?

don’t throw it away. Take out the new soap and combine it with the rest soap, then you can continue to use it! Is it very economical?

7, afraid of berry fruit to eat?

don’t worry. As soon as you get home, put half of it in the refrigerator to keep fresh and keep it for a long time.

8, just bought furniture do not know how to protect it?

, buy a bottle of polyurethane spray for maintenance leather, and spray it onto the furniture without fear that it will break down too quickly.

. Every time you polish your nail polish, do you lose your nail polish?

next time, remember to apply a little vinegar to your nails and apply nail polish to ensure that the problem of nail polish is no longer bothering you! Do you think it is healthy to wash your hair with shampoo?

wrong! Reduce the frequency of using shampoo is the best choice, not only let the hair healthy, but also save money! Hair easy to oil friends can buy fluffy powder, wipe on the scalp can remove excess oil. I don’t believe it. Let the girl tell her that she has to experience it. This girl used a free way to wash her hair six years ago, and her hair has never been oily or hairy!

11. Do bananas often turn black in a few days?

quickly wrap the banana stalk with aluminum foil or plastic wrap, and keep away from other fruits, so you don’t have to worry about the banana becoming black.

12. When you finish lettuce and want to prepare other meals, are you afraid that lettuce will break?

cover lettuce with plastic wrap, and put toilet paper in the center to absorb excess water, so you are not afraid!

13. Did you have to buy a new razor because it was rusty?

before using the shaving knife, put a little baby oil on the blade, and keep it dry after use, so it won’t be bothered by the problem of rust!

14. Do you think it’s a waste of money to change the sponge at home?

cut the sponge into several pieces so that it can be used for a long time.

15, the flowers bought home always wither very fast.

hurry to buy a bottle of vodka, pour a small cup into the vase for sterilization (bacteria in water), and add a little sugar to supply nutrients for the flowers.

16, garlic, onion and scallion bought at home are put soon?

find out the paper bags at home, poke holes in the surface, and then put them in. This will definitely keep them for a long time.

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