Can’t you really drink milk on an empty stomach? What you can’t eat on an empty stomach is a big dish.

have you ever heard such advice: don’t drink milk or soybean milk on an empty stomach, it’s bad for your stomach. Don’t eat bananas on an empty stomach. It’s bad for your heart. Don’t drink yogurt on an empty stomach. Live bacteria will die. You can’t eat and drink on an empty stomach& hellip; In short, as long as you are fasting and hungry, there are all kinds of dietary taboos. Are these rumors true? Let’s get to know it with you.

these foods, not so much about

milk, soybean milk

rumor: milk, soybean milk contains a lot of high quality protein, fasting drinking, protein will be wasted. And fasting drinking milk, soy milk, but also increase the gastrointestinal burden.

truth: both milk and soybean milk contain carbohydrates, which will be preferentially decomposed for energy supply. There is no need to worry about wasting protein or increasing gastrointestinal burden.

many people can’t drink milk on an empty stomach because they have lactose intolerance (such as diarrhea). In this case, they really don’t drink milk on an empty stomach. It is recommended to eat some other food first, and then drink a small amount of milk many times, or directly choose yogurt, low lactose milk, etc.

soybean milk is different from milk. As long as it is thoroughly boiled, even if it is drunk on an empty stomach, there will be no discomfort.


rumor: banana contains more magnesium and potassium, which will affect heart function and is not conducive to health.

truth: as long as the kidney is healthy, there is no need to worry that eating bananas on an empty stomach will affect your health.

banana is indeed a kind of food with high potassium and magnesium content. However, even if you eat it on an empty stomach, the potassium and magnesium in banana only slowly enter the body little by little, and the absorption is limited, so they will not all enter the blood instantaneously like an injection.

in addition, the human body has an automatic regulation function, which can constantly monitor the amount of potassium and magnesium, and then metabolize the excess part through the kidney and skin to maintain balance.

therefore, for people with healthy kidneys, there is no need to care about these. If you really want to eat bananas to destroy the balance of the human body, it is estimated that you will have been propped to death long ago & hellip& hellip;


rumor: yogurt should not be drunk on an empty stomach. When people are fasting, the stomach is in a strong acid environment, which is not conducive to the survival of lactic acid bacteria.

truth: even if there are no live bacteria, yoghurt is also a great belly food.

indeed, the acidity in the stomach is relatively high on an empty stomach, so it is difficult for all kinds of lactic acid bacteria to survive. However, whether the lactic acid bacteria in yogurt can enter the intestinal tract is a problem, so we don’t have to care too much about whether they are alive or dead.

even if there is no live bacteria, the nutritional value of yogurt is still very good, can avoid the problem of lactose intolerance, but more suitable for fasting.

yogurt has a very reasonable proportion of three nutrients (carbohydrate, fat and protein). In fact, it’s a good food for belly filling. Don’t just measure its nutritional value by the activity of bacteria.


rumor: tomatoes contain a lot of tannin and other ingredients, easy to react with gastric acid, forming stomach stones.

truth: mature tomatoes don’t have high tannin content and won’t have side effects with high protein foods.

tannic acid widely exists in all kinds of plants. It can react with protein and is the main cause of astringency, such as raw persimmon.

a large amount of tannic acid intake may indeed lead to gastric persimmon stone, which is also the main reason for the statements that “persimmons can not be eaten on an empty stomach” and “persimmons and crabs can not be eaten together”.

but mature tomatoes, tannic acid content is not high, and high protein food side effects is nonsense, otherwise tomato scrambled eggs is not to cry faint in the kitchen.

so, the question is, can we just let go of what we should eat and drink? Of course not.

, you need to be careful to eat

wine on an empty stomach. You are not recommended to drink it at any time, let alone on an empty stomach.

alcohol is one of the few substances that can be directly absorbed by the stomach. When drinking on an empty stomach, it is not only easy to stimulate the gastric mucosa, cause gastritis, gastric ulcer and other diseases, but also easier to get drunk.

for people with diabetes, fasting drinking is more dangerous, prone to hypoglycemia, leading to coma and other serious consequences.

in addition, alcohol is a clear level of carcinogens, can touch less.

for the rest, it’s too much to say that you can’t eat on an empty stomach no matter how hungry you are.

if you would rather be hungry than eat because of these rumors, in case of starvation problems, you will really suffer from the rumors, won’t you?

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