Carbohydrate food

there are many kinds of common food in our life. We can’t choose food at will, which is also harmful to our health. We should pay attention to the nutritional elements in the choice of food. Different foods also have different nutritional elements, which are helpful to human body, Many people don’t know what carbohydrate foods are.

what do you have about carbohydrate food? The following is a detailed introduction, so that you can have a good understanding of such food. When you choose and avoid choosing, you can know what kind of food is carbohydrate.

carbohydrate food:

carbohydrate, grain (such as rice, wheat, corn, barley, oats, sorghum, etc.), fruit (such as sugarcane, melon, watermelon, banana, grape, etc.), dry fruit, dry beans, root vegetables (such as radish, sweet potato, etc.), etc.

nutrition experts generally believe that 50% to 60% of people’s daily intake of calories should come from carbohydrates. Because of the difference in carbohydrates, there is more evidence that you should choose your diet carefully.

is very important for simple carbohydrates, drinking milk and juice, and eating the right amount of fruit. But eating sugar and other sweeteners can provide a lot of calories that your body doesn’t need, which is harmful to your health.

for complex carbohydrates, avoid eating only low fiber carbohydrates, starches (such as potatoes) and processed cereals (such as white rice, macaroni and white bread). The carbohydrates in these foods are quickly converted by the body into monosaccharides.

on the contrary, try to eat carbohydrates with a lot of fiber. Beans and whole grains in particular are good for human health. According to the amount of fruits and vegetables recommended by these experts, you can have a complete and healthy intake of carbohydrates. There are many ways to get carbohydrates

the food guidance pyramid recommends getting a variety of carbohydrates from the following food groups every day.

through the above introduction, we also have some understanding of carbohydrate food, so we can rest assured when we choose it. The human body also needs to choose this kind of food every day, but we should pay attention to that when we choose these foods, we should eat them in an appropriate amount, and eating too much is not conducive to health.

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