Carsickness is related to self balance function. Fourteen tips to prevent and relieve carsickness

many friends have experienced carsickness. Carsickness is really uncomfortable. Besides dizziness and nausea, they also want to vomit, which seriously affects their image and mood. Today, let’s give you some tips to prevent carsickness.

The causes of carsickness are as follows:

1, self balance function: there are two parts of the body’s self balance function, one is the vestibular function deep in the ear, the other is the cerebellum. The vestibular function of people who are prone to carsickness is particularly sensitive and sensitive. Slight changes in vibration or brain changes are triggered, resulting in nausea, vomiting or dizziness;

2. Car riding habits: some of the 14 tips for preventing and alleviating carsickness:

, It’s easier to get carsick.

2. Drink vinegar with warm water before taking a car

drink vinegar with warm water before taking a car can effectively avoid carsickness.

3. Keep a happy mood and chat with people

don’t be too nervous, relax and chat with others as much as possible, so as to eliminate the psychological barriers of carsickness.

four, adjust the seat to lie down to sleep

when taking a car, try to fix your head on the seat, don’t sway, easy to cause dizziness, if you can, adjust the seat to tilt can lie down to sleep, better than any prevention of carsickness.

5, waist to reduce carsickness

to go out to choose waist clothes to wear, can reduce visceral shock, reduce carsickness feeling. If there is no waist clothes, you can take off the coat tied to the waist.

6、 Buy a suitable car sickness medicine

many people don’t know some tips to prevent car sickness, so the most common thing is to buy car sickness medicine. However, you should know that car sickness medicine is different, and the prescription of car sickness medicine is different, So you should buy the right medicine for carsickness according to your travel time.

7, do not play mobile phones, do not read newspapers and magazines

try not to play mobile phones, do not read newspapers and magazines, these are easy to cause carsickness( Now there are many bus stations. People often get on the bus and ask if they want to buy newspapers and magazines. Don’t buy them, even if they are boring. Of course, if you don’t get carsick.

eight, smell ginger orange peel to reduce carsickness

many people say, carsickness, then take ginger smell, or orange peel smell can be more comfortable, can reduce carsickness symptoms yes, but not everyone will benefit, I also think it is not very practical, do you have to take this ginger orange peel smell all the way.

9. Apply Shangshi Zhitong paste to navel

. Apply Shangshi Zhitong paste to navel before riding. It has obvious effect on preventing carsickness. (you can also put sliced ginger on Shangshi Zhitong paste and stick it to navel again. The effect is better.

10, front seat by the window to sit

when you take the car, you’d better sit by the window. If you feel carsick, you can open the window to breathe fresh air. You’ll feel much better. You can also sit front, if you can, you’d better sit in the co driver’s seat. But if you sit by the window, don’t watch the flying scenery outside the window, it will make your head more dizzy.

11、 Fengyoujing anti carsickness

be sure to bring Fengyoujing when you go out for a ride. When you feel carsick, you can take Fengyoujing to smell it or take a small amount of Fengyoujing to rub it on the temples and Fengchi acupoints, Can effectively reduce carsickness. (Temple basic we all know where, as for Fengchi small allocation of a map it.

12, thumb pinch points to reduce carsickness

carsickness when you can use your thumb pinch Neiguan point or Hegu Point (that is, we usually have a headache and stomachache pinch between the thumb and index finger that point), can effectively reduce carsickness oh. (as for Neiguan point and Hegu Point Xiaobian or with pictures.

13. Chewing gum with ice to prevent carsickness

buy a box of chewing gum (preferably mint flavor) and a bottle of ice drink before getting on the bus, But if you chew gum, you will be thirsty. So buy ice water to quench your thirst, and ice water with fresh gum will make you feel more comfortable. But don’t chew too much, drink too much, and don’t forget you are in the car.

14, love music friends can listen to music, distraction.

listen to music, this is very good, I generally like this, listening to their favorite music, looking at the beautiful scenery outside the window, accompanied by familiar music, you will always be wandering, thinking about some things, will soon be distracted, to prevent carsickness is very effective.

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