Chamomile can improve cold and sleep

Chamomile can improve cold and sleep

chamomile can improve cold and sleep

although chamomile is humble, its curative effect is highly respected, and even praised by the ancient Greeks as & lt; Apple of the earth;! Chamomile is a kind of health care herbs, help to improve the cold, insomnia, cancer. Next time you want to drink a drink, you might as well change your taste and drink fresh and healthy chamomile tea instead!

chamomile originated in Egypt. It symbolized abundant vitality and powerful curative effect in ancient Egypt, and was highly valued by ancient Egyptians. When chamomile blooms, it will emit a light apple aroma, very sweet and pleasant.

chamomile has a very good sedative effect. Europeans began to use chamomile more than 300 years ago to relieve colds and help the body recover naturally. In addition, chamomile can relieve stress, reduce anxiety and calm emotions. It has a good effect in helping people with insomnia. For people with insomnia, it’s better to drink a cup of warm chamomile tea before going to bed, which helps to precipitate their mind and stabilize their mood.

chamomile can prevent cancer, premenstrual relief also depends on it

in addition, chamomile contains & lt; Apigenin & quot;, It is a kind of flavonoids. Many studies have proved that it has anti-inflammatory effect and can inhibit the activity of carcinogens. In addition, chamomile can increase the concentration of glycine in the body, help to improve premenstrual syndrome, is a good tea for girls.

modern people work under great pressure, so it’s easy to eat snacks, drink drinks, and take in too much sugar and calories. Low calorie chamomile tea can not only relax the body and mind, but also don’t have to worry about drinking too many calories. It’s suggested to make a cup of warm chamomile tea next time when you are upset, so that you can enjoy 10 minutes of peace!

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