Change one’s character through diet: stubborn people eat more fish, afraid people eat sour

all say that people are iron, rice is steel,

don’t eat a hungry meal. So, food is the source of our energy, and also the nutrition for our growth. However, we may not know that food can change not only people’s physique, but also people’s personality and food.

today, let’s talk about the principle.

unstable personality:

this kind of people often due to

long-term calcium deficiency

, resulting in restlessness, should eat more calcium, phosphorus more food, such as soybeans, milk, amaranth,

fried pumpkin

, kelp, wood ear, laver, snail, orange, crab, shrimp, etc.


this kind of people lack vitamin b

in brain, so they nag all day, need to eat more coarse grain or milk and honey, often drinking will have good effect.

irritable person:

this kind of person mostly because of

lack of calcium and vitamin b

, encounter unpleasant things easily excited, even furious. The intake of salt and sugar should be reduced. You can eat more milk and seafood containing calcium.


is mainly

lack of vitamin A, B, C,

should eat more pepper, dried bamboo shoots, dried fish and so on. Of course, it may also be because of eating too much acid food, should eat more fruits and vegetables.

afraid of social intercourse:

this kind of person belongs to neuroticism and apathy, so it is advisable to drink more

honey and juice, and can drink a small amount of wine.

indecisive person: to establish a diet centered on

meat, and eat fruits and vegetables at the same time.

negative dependents:

this kind of people usually lack courage and courage. We should control


and eat more foods rich in calcium and vitamin B1.


this kind of person is usually

lack of vitamin A and vitamin c

, should eat more pigs, cattle, sheep, chicken, duck liver, cow and sheep milk, chicken and duck eggs, crab, snail and other food, but also eat rich in vitamin C hot pepper, red dates, kiwi fruit, hawthorn, orange, bitter gourd, rape, cowpea and so on.

stubborn person:

reduce meat food,

but can eat more fish

, and try to eat raw. Vegetables are mainly green and yellow, eat less salt.

anxiety: eat more calcium and vitamin B group

food, and eat more animal protein.

fear of depression:

might as well eat more lemon, lettuce, potatoes, bread with wheat bran and oats. White and blue light is more likely to cause depression, according to a study published in the Journal of neuroscience by U.S. scientists.

scientists found that when people are in a space full of

white and blue light

, they are prone to depression. When exposed to

red light,

, or in the dark, people’s mood will not be affected.

in this regard, scientists explained that the light factor will affect the retinal ganglion cells, and it is these ganglion cells that help regulate the body’s “biological clock”, resulting in the effect of light on mood.

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