Check 4 kinds of food that can prevent cold:

Take stock of 4 kinds of food that can prevent cold:

take stock of 4 kinds of food that can prevent cold:

eating right food can help to improve immunity and prevent influenza. USA & lt; Food Network & quot; The latest article, published & lt; Four kinds of foods to prevent colds;.

pickled radish.

a new study by Japanese scientists has found that traditional pickled radish in Japan is rich in Lactobacillus brevis, which can enhance human immunity and help prevent influenza virus.

kiwifruit. New research finds that eating kiwi fruit often can help relieve symptoms such as stuffy nose and sore throat caused by influenza.

purple grapes and blueberries.

a new study from Oregon State University found that resveratrol in purple grapes and pterostilbene in blueberries combined with vitamin D can help improve human disease resistance.

whole milk.

a new study in the United States has found that whole milk can increase the vitality of bacteriophage cells, improve immunity and help people overcome influenza.

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