Check five kinds of healthy meat

Five kinds of healthy meat

and five kinds of healthy meat

were counted. The meat with the most iron supplement was

. The difference between fat and lean pork was large. The fat content of fat meat was high and the protein content was low. Eating more meat was easy to lead to hyperlipidemia and obesity; Protein is mostly concentrated in lean meat, and lean meat also contains hemoglobin, can play the role of iron, can prevent anemia. The hemoglobin in meat is better absorbed than that in plants. Therefore, the effect of iron supplementation in lean meat is better than that in vegetables.

pork is better digested and absorbed than beef due to its soft fibrous tissue and large amount of intramuscular fat. According to traditional Chinese medicine, eating more lean pork has the effect of nourishing yin and moistening dryness, and has a certain therapeutic effect on diseases such as heat injury, dry cough and constipation. The most nourishing mutton is

, which has the effect of invigorating yang, nourishing essence and blood, and treating lung deficiency. It is quite beneficial to patients with asthma, tracheitis, lung disease and deficiency cold. It can also benefit the kidney and strengthen Yang, tonify deficiency, resist cold and strengthen the body. It is a nourishing food therapy treasure in winter. However, it should be noted that mutton, after all, is warm and not suitable for everyone. Those with Yin deficiency, excessive fire, cough and phlegm, dyspepsia, arthritis, eczema and fever should avoid food.

beef, the strongest meat is

beef is the most suitable for those who are weak and mentally retarded. The amino acid composition of beef protein is closer to human needs than pork, and can improve the body’s resistance to disease. It is especially suitable for growth, development, post operation, and post conditioning patients who supplement blood loss and repair tissue. But the muscle fiber of beef is rough, not easy to digest, and it has high cholesterol and fat, so the elderly, children and people with weak digestion should not eat more.

fish and shrimp are rich in trace elements, including calcium, aluminum, iron, manganese, copper, cobalt, nickel, zinc, iodine, chlorine and sulfur, which are necessary for human body. Although aquatic products are rich in nutrients, they should not be eaten more. Due to the influence of marine pollution, aquatic products often contain toxins and harmful substances. Excessive consumption can easily cause damage to the spleen and stomach and cause gastrointestinal diseases. The chicken has the least fat, which is

. Chicken here refers to peeled chicken, because the fat of chicken is almost in the skin. Every 100 grams of skinless chicken contains 24 grams of protein, but only 0, 7 grams of fat. Chicken has a good therapeutic effect on malnutrition, fear of cold, fatigue, irregular menstruation, anemia, weakness and other diseases.

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