Check the classic nonsense of food advertisement: it contains XX kinds of nutrients

Inventory of food advertising classic nonsense: contains XX kinds of nutrients

inventory of food advertising classic nonsense

1, contains XX kinds of nutrients.

the human body needs to absorb a variety of nutrients from food, each of which has its own appropriate demand. In addition to infants, people eat a variety of food every day, the sum of all kinds of food constitutes the nutritional composition of intake. A good food can efficiently provide some or several nutrients (such as protein, fiber, vitamins, etc.) that are easy to be deficient, while there are few nutrients (such as fat and sugar) that need to be limited& ldquo; How many nutrients are there; It’s a worthless indicator & mdash& mdash;& mdash; As for what the advertisement says & lt; It contains XX vitamins, XX minerals and other nutrients needed by human body;, Take a handful of weeds to test, you can also test similar results.

2, including XX necessary for human body.

many substances are needed for the normal operation of human body; It is necessary for human body; Follow & quot; Need to supplement & quot; It’s two different things. In one case, the substances needed by the human body are only useful if they are produced by the human body itself, while the ones we eat are useless, such as collagen and various enzymes (i.e. & lt; Enzyme & quot. Another situation is that as long as you can eat and drink normally, you will not lack phosphorus, chlorine, sodium, fat, carbohydrates, etc. How much does a certain food contain; Essential substances for human body; To show how good it is; Health & quot;, It’s all a sneak concept.


the health efficacy of any kind of food or food ingredient needs many years, a large number of studies, various angles and multiple institutions to reach a consensus and be recognized. In food advertising, & lt; Research findings of XX University & quot; It is often only a preliminary study under specific conditions and systems, which has scientific research value but is far from enough to make a decision; Conclusion;. Many advertisements, however, distort and exaggerate the research results to deceive the public.

4, the content is XX times higher than a certain food.

typical examples, such as & lt; The iron content of rose salt is dozens of times that of ordinary salt& ldquo; The protein content of Spirulina is more than 20 times that of milk;. The former is because ordinary salt almost does not contain iron, rose salt as long as there is a little, is many times. The latter compares the dry weight of Spirulina with that of milk, which is more than 80% water. In fact, no matter how many times the iron in Rose salt is ordinary salt, you can only eat a few grams of salt every day, and the iron in it can be completely ignored. Although the protein content of Spirulina is high, it is expensive to eat a few grams a day, and it is not a problem to drink a few hundred grams of milk. Therefore, milk is a high-quality source of protein, while Spirulina is not. It’s meaningless to talk about the nutrients in food without considering the normal consumption and the proportion of the content in the daily demand.

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