Check the eating taboos of these “health products”

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Take stock of these & lt; Health products & quot; Take stock of these & lt; Health products & quot; In our daily life, many people think that the food added a lot of nutrients or drug ingredients, which has a certain effect, should be health care products. They have their own applicable population and usage taboo, not everyone can eat them.

nutrition soft candy.

the common nutrient soft sweets are generally children’s health care products. These nutrient soft sweets are gum sweets, which are easy to cause trachea blockage after children eat them. And many of them contain calcium and vitamin D. in general, children with normal and reasonable diet do not need additional vitamins. Many parents are always worried about their children’s insufficient nutrition and give them these supplements alone. As everyone knows, these nutrients will also be excessive poisoning, stones or affect development, bring health risks to the child’s body.

energy drinks. In general, besides glucose, fructose and vitamin B, there are taurine, lysine, caffeine and inositol in energy drinks. Caffeine can reduce human fatigue, but the biggest feature of this central nervous stimulant is that it is addictive. In other words, drinking a can of caffeine in the past may have a refreshing effect, but if you drink it for a long time, you may need to increase the dose later. Therefore, children and pregnant women should not drink, so as not to affect development. Healthy adults should also pay attention to the fact that although these drinks do contain some nutrients, they should not rely on them. In particular, they should not use them instead of drinking water to resist & lt; Sleepy & quot;. Hungry will eat, sleepy, tired will sleep, do not feel tired does not mean not tired. Long term consumption of energy drinks; Refreshing & quot;, Can overdraw the body, aggravate cardiovascular and cerebrovascular burden, very undesirable.

cod liver oil.

cod liver oil is a kind of fatty oil extracted from the liver of sea fish. Its main components are vitamin A and D. It can help prevent rickets in infants and maintain normal vision, which is different from the common people’s understanding; Fish oil & quot; It’s totally different. And vitamin A, D are fat soluble vitamins, excessive intake can not be excreted through the urine, will cause a burden on the liver and kidney, so cod liver oil must be taken under the guidance of a doctor, suffering from urinary tract stones or physical weakness, should not take, in order to avoid aggravating symptoms or poisoning.

health wine.

many people simply can’t figure out what their constitution is, so they take health wine with aphrodisiac effect without authorization. I don’t know that it can’t keep health, but it can hurt my body. As a matter of fact, people with high Yang or high Yin deficiency and fire can’t drink this kind of medicinal wine. In addition, children, pregnant women and patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases are not suitable for drinking.

it should also be reminded that the slim plum sold online is known as & lt; It is a kind of natural green food without any chemical drugs, with green plum as the carrier, extracted effective ingredients from Momordica grosvenorii, tomorrowleaf and other herbs;. But in fact, such products with weight loss effect should also be health products. Therefore, before taking health care products, patients should consult doctors or pharmacists in regular hospitals, and buy products with health care product batch number. Health care products can not replace drugs. If they have diseases, they still need to go to regular hospitals for diagnosis and treatment, and take medicine for standardized treatment under the guidance of doctors.

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