Check the essential condiments in kitchen

Inventory of kitchen essential condiments

inventory of kitchen essential condiments

1, skim yogurt.

although dairy products, but each yogurt contains only 100 kcal of calories. Skim yogurt is a good substitute for mayonnaise, salad and cream.

2, virgin olive oil.

virgin olive oil is a healthy choice. It is suitable for pouring on some finished dishes, such as steamed fish, noodles, etc. Note: do not use olive oil for frying and frying, otherwise high temperature will destroy the health function of olive oil.

3, beans.

beans are easy to store and rich in protein and dietary fiber. Chickpeas, black beans and soybeans are good choices.

4, honey.

honey has a shelf life of many years; Multifunctional sweeteners;, It also has the health care effect of relieving alcohol and cough.

5, sea salt.

the mineral content of sea salt is higher than that of common salt.

6, eggs.

it’s best to have an egg for breakfast. The eating method can be diversified. Boiled eggs are the best.

7, ketchup.

ketchup is low in heat and fat, easy to eat, and can be used to add fresh flavor to food at any time. More importantly, like tomatoes, ketchup is rich in lycopene, an anticancer substance.

8, dark chocolate.

dark chocolate is rich in polyphenols which can resist diseases. Dark chocolate can help you recover quickly when you are tired.

9, banana.

banana is economical and practical, suitable for all year round. Instead of sugar, bananas can be added to milkshakes and yoghurt.

10, garlic.

garlic is the most common and convenient condiment. It does not contain any unhealthy fat and processing ingredients. It can be quickly peeled and chopped to add to soup, stew and stir fry.

11, mustard.

seasoning mustard is rich in selenium, which is helpful to improve immunity, and turmeric, which has anticancer effect. Mustard can be added to salads, sauces, pickles, meat and other foods.

12, frozen shrimp.

4 prawns contain a lot of protein, 30 kcal of calories and almost no fat. Fresh shrimp peeled, shrimp line washed and frozen, cooking and eating more convenient.

13, aromatic vinegar.

balsamic vinegar can help dilate blood vessels, improve blood flow, and is good for heart health.

14, soup.

1 cups of soup contains 5 grams of protein, but only 38 kilocalories. Can be divided into small soup frozen in the refrigerator, ready to take out, add vegetables and other food.

15, oatmeal.

oats help lower cholesterol. Eating a bowl of oatmeal porridge in the morning can enhance satiety and control appetite. Oats can also be eaten with milk.

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