Check the foods that can aggravate acne

Check the foods that can aggravate acne

check the foods that can aggravate acne


a cup of coffee can refresh you, but it can also aggravate acne. A certain organic acid in coffee beans can raise people’s cortisol levels. Cortisol, also known as stress hormone, just like androgen, can stimulate our sebaceous glands and aggravate inflammation. After all, caffeine is not the culprit; It’s better to drink tea instead.


there seems to be another reason why we have to give up DQ, which is the sugar content. Sugar is definitely the cause of acne, because sugar can aggravate inflammation& mdash; Acne is an inflammatory state, acne skin must eat more anti-inflammatory food.

but this does not tell us to completely eliminate sugar in food. We can eat fruit or juice, if you really want a little sweetener, we can add a little stevia, organic honey, bee syrup and so on.


peanut contains androgen, androgen increases sebum production, leading to oily skin and acne. Some patients have many small white pustules on their noses because they have eaten too much peanut butter. We can choose other nuts instead of peanuts, such as almonds and cashews, which don’t affect androgen levels.

dairy products

friends who like DQ and other dairy products should be sad; Milk doesn’t whiten you. According to a recent study on diet and acne, the American Dermatology Association believes that dairy products are not unrelated to the outbreak of acne.

this is because dairy products can cause a significant increase in the content of some acne promoting hormones. Therefore, some nutritionists suggest that acne patients should eat almond milk, rice milk, coconut milk, rather than milk.


if one day you find that your mouth, chin and other places start to have acne, it is likely to be caused by bean products such as tofu. The phytoestrogens contained in soybean are very close to the estrogen level of human body. After eating soybean products, the hormone level rises, thus inducing acne. Many foods contain soy, from vegetable burgers to energy bars. You should read the food labels carefully before you buy them.

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