Check the foods that can prevent liver cancer

Check the food that can prevent liver cancer

check the food that can prevent liver cancer 6667

eat more vegetables that contain carotene 6667

vegetables are rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber, etc., which can protect the liver. Experts pointed out that some yellow and green vegetables contain carotene, which can prevent liver cancer, such as tomatoes, carrots and so on. Therefore, you can eat more appropriately at ordinary times, but you should also pay attention to a comprehensive, balanced diet and collocation.

eating dairy products: milk, yogurt, etc. Milk contains calcium, vitamin D and other elements, which can be combined with carcinogens in the intestine to remove harmful substances, so it has a preventive effect on liver cancer; Yogurt contains lactic acid bacteria, which can inhibit and kill spoilage bacteria in the intestine, reduce toxic substances in the intestine, and inhibit the growth of liver cancer cells.

eat mushroom and other selenium containing food

research found that trace element selenium has selective killing and inhibition effect on liver cancer cells, but no significant effect on normal liver cells. The ability of selenium storage in human body is very weak, so we need to eat high selenium food to get enough selenium. The selenium element in mushroom is not only high in quantity, but also easy to be absorbed by human body. Therefore, eating more mushrooms can prevent liver cancer.

drinking tea: black tea, green tea and other

tea polyphenols can combine with carcinogens, make it decompose, reduce carcinogenic activity, inhibit the growth of cancer cells, black tea, green tea are anti-cancer drinks, timely and appropriate drinking can play a role in preventing liver cancer.

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