Check the good and bad of meat

Check the good and bad of eating meat often

check the good and bad of eating meat often

what’s the harm of eating meat often?

1, calcium loss.

meat contains high protein, often eat meat, meat protein can cause calcium deficiency. It can cause osteoporosis and other diseases.

2, hypertension and heart disease.

the fat in animal meat, such as cholesterol, will not be completely decomposed in the human body after it enters the human body, but will adhere to the gastrointestinal wall and vascular wall. Long time accumulation, blood vessels will become narrower and narrower, the amount of blood can be less and less. It causes hypertension and heart disease.

3, cancer.

people who often eat meat are more likely to get cancer. First, in order not to make meat deterioration, meat traders add nitrates and preservatives, which have carcinogenic properties. And meat is often cooked, barbecued and fried, will produce a variety of carcinogens.

4, constipation.

in fact, our digestive system is not suitable for eating meat. Eating meat often will lead to difficult excretion. Meat due to very little cellulose, so in the body’s gastrointestinal movement is very slow, so constipation has become a common distress of many people.

what are the benefits of eating meat for the body?

1, meat and beauty.

in fact, proper fat can make skin elastic and not easy to relax; It can make the skin look smooth and moist, but not easy to dry and rough; Can make the body symmetrical, rich curve beauty. If it’s too & lt; Slim & quot;, The skin is close to the bone, and the conical and triangular outline features of the bone will be very obvious. On the contrary, it will give people the feeling of bony and lose aesthetic feeling.

2, meat and intelligence.

in human cells, about 60% of water is protein and about 30% is fat, while the fat in brain cells is as high as 60 & mdash; 65%。 This shows that fat is an important material for brain work, and efficient thinking activities need to consume a lot of fat. Scientific research has found that those who don’t eat fat also have lower intelligence, which shows that fat does support brain power.


red meat contains a lot of iron and zinc, which are indispensable for the establishment of human healthy immune system. In addition, red meat is also rich in vitamin D and vitamin A, which can help the body fight against bacteria effectively.

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