Check the harm of household bacteria

Checking the harm of household bacteria

it’s really rare to find a dormitory built by garbage. However, while criticizing the laziness of female students, we should also pay attention to personal hygiene and health. The girls’ dormitories in the video are full of all kinds of waste, and the dormitories are surrounded by bacteria, viruses and molds every day, which is also an easy place to hide filth; Bacterial nest;, It is easy to cause disease.

the internal environment of the home at ordinary times, the influence on the female dormitory without video & lt; Garbage bacteria & quot; Pollution, however, these ordinary items may also become & quot; Bacterial time bomb

wooden tableware. Wood seeps in more water than plastic or metal, so it’s more likely to carry bacteria. When cleaning wooden tableware, it’s best to use hot water. After a period of time, put it in water and cook it. If the wood becomes soft and black, it means that it has mildew inside and should be replaced immediately.

toothbrush. A study by the University of Manchester in the UK found that an average toothbrush carries 10 million bacteria, of which Staphylococcus, streptococci and Escherichia coli account for a high proportion. It is recommended to change it every three months.

bath towel. Staphylococcus aureus on the skin will stay on the bath towel. If it contacts the wound again, it is easy to cause infection. Bath towel should be scalded in high temperature water above 90 ℃ at least once a week.

pillow and duvet. Due to the accumulation of dust mite debris, the weight of the new pillow will double in three years, which will aggravate the symptoms of asthma, eczema and other diseases. Dust mite excrement will also cause rhinitis and sinusitis. So the pillow should be washed in 60 ℃ water for at least 20 minutes every two or three months. The duvet will also accumulate dust mites and skin exfoliation, which should be cleaned every six months. In addition, the best service life of pillow is 2 years, and that of duvet is 5 years.

mattress. British statistics show that on average, there are 10000 dust mites on each mattress. Vacuum the mattress at least once a week.

sneakers. These shoes are easily contaminated by mold and fungi. So wash with cool soapy water at least once a month and dry in the sun.

toilet brush. If the brush is worn, the ability to remove dirt will be reduced. In addition to weekly cleaning and disinfection, it is recommended to change the brush once a half year.

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