Check the healthy eating methods of different edible oils

Take stock of the healthy eating methods of different edible oils

take stock of the healthy eating methods of different edible oils

wheat germ oil.

wheat germ oil is delicious and rich in vitamin E. More importantly, wheat germ oil is rich in polyunsaturated omega-6 fatty acids, which can promote the growth of skin and hair, and is beneficial to bone health. This kind of oil had better not be heated, it can be used to make sauces, sauces and dips. Also unsuitable for heating is flaxseed oil.

rapeseed oil.

classic rapeseed oil is moderately flavored and rich in heart healthy omega-3 fatty acids. The most common way to eat rapeseed oil is to use a variety of cooking methods, such as braised, fried, baked, stir fried and so on.

peanut oil.

contains 18% saturated fatty acids, and is suitable for a wide range of cooking methods, such as baking, long cooking and stir frying. Try to avoid high temperature frying and frying.

olive oil.

research found that olive oil can help prevent hypertension, reduce peripheral vascular diseases, improve brain function, and help women prolong life. But olive oil & lt; High temperature sensitivity; Once the oil pan smokes, it will produce smoke and harmful free radicals, increasing the risk of cancer, stroke, cataract and other diseases. Therefore, the most healthy way to eat is to use olive oil to mix, bake and fry food, and avoid high-temperature cooking such as frying.

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