Check the healthy snack substitutes

Check healthy snack substitutes

check healthy snack substitutes

want to eat desserts, try freeze-dried apple

. This is a popular snack recently, because this kind of snack can supplement magnesium, which is very helpful for reducing stress. This kind of snack is easy to carry. Compared with those apples that are sold for a few days in midsummer and look dry and touched by many people, freeze-dried apples are a better choice.

if you want to buy popcorn, it’s better to eat homemade popcorn

. Popcorn has high heat, but if you give up the traditional butter microwave popcorn and choose homemade pure air popcorn, the heat will be much less. You don’t need an oven, just pack a handful of corn kernels in the microwave and it’s done in a few minutes.

if you want to eat baked food, it’s better to choose dried meat

in addition to meeting your taste buds, dried meat is rich in protein, which can’t be compared with other snacks. Dried meat is also a healthy and delicious snack as long as it is free of nitrite. And compared to baked food, dried meat is also relatively low in calories.

want to eat potato chips, with seaweed instead of

crispy potato chips, is most people’s first snack, want to eat potato chips, better to use seaweed instead. Seaweed has salty taste, low calorie and rich nutrition. In addition, seaweed can also promote the metabolism of human body, and its rich iodine content can help improve the function of thyroid.

want to drink soda, replace

with Kombucha. If you want to drink bubbling soda, you’d better drink Kombucha instead. This drink is available in many shops. Fermentation technology can provide you with more beneficial bacteria to help improve gastrointestinal digestion.

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