Check the most sobering food

Check the most sobering food

check the most sobering food


drinking coffee after drinking can speed up the metabolism of alcohol, which is decomposed into water and carbon dioxide and discharged from the body.

tomato juice.

after drinking, the liver is responsible for decomposing alcohol to keep blood sugar stable. Blood glucose is the main energy of the brain. Low blood glucose can easily lead to fatigue, fatigue and depression. At this time, drinking a cup of tomato juice can supplement sugar, relieve headache and other discomfort after drunk. Lycopene in tomato juice also has anti-inflammatory properties.


ginger after drinking can stimulate and restore the digestive system, relieve constipation, flatulence and dyspepsia.


eggs are rich in cysteine and have detoxification effect. Research found that eggs rich in B vitamins can alleviate the hangover.


a new study in South Korea has found that asparagus can relieve alcohol and protect liver after drinking and getting drunk. Asparagus extract can improve the levels of enzymes that can decompose alcohol, alleviate the symptoms of hangover, and protect liver cells from the damage of alcohol toxin.


after drinking too much, the body cells lack water, urinate more, blood potassium level is reduced, and then easy to lead to muscle weakness, high blood pressure phenomenon. At this time, eating 1-3 bananas can supplement potassium, increase blood glucose concentration, and reduce the proportion of alcohol in the blood.

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