Check the practical tips of home life

check the practical tips of home life

1, how to deal with the strange smell of sticky towel?

after being used for a long time, the towel will emit a strange smell and sticky. Usually people are used to washing with soap, but the more they wash, the more sticky they become. At this time, you can scrub with concentrated salt water (a towel can put a small spoon of fine salt), then scald it with warm water, scrub it again, and finally wash it with clean water. In this way, the towel does not smell strange and sticky. Also, if you want to restore the soft appearance of the towel, the best way is to add water and washing powder and boil it for 30 minutes.

2, how to prevent eating litchi on fire?

(1) people who like to eat litchi but are afraid of dryness and heat can drink more salt water or 20 & mdash while eating litchi& mdash; 30 grams of raw meat or pig bone soup to drink, or with jujube boiling water to drink, can prevent fire.

(2) the litchi peel can also be dipped into light salt water, and then put into the freezer to eat after ice, which not only won’t catch fire, but also can relieve stagnation and increase appetite. If you brew a cup of litchi tea fried with litchi leaves (dried in the sun), it may also relieve the stagnation and diarrhea caused by eating too many litchi. Litchi property warm and dry, yin deficiency fire is best to eat less (a best within 0.25 kg). If you are growing acne, sores, cold or acute inflammation, it is not suitable to eat litchi, otherwise it will aggravate the disease, but the body deficiency cold, stomach cold is suitable to eat more. Everyone should pay attention to the delicious food and not eat too much. The body is the capital of the revolution.

3, how to make the new sheet soft?

due to the use of chemicals in the production process, no matter how many fibers the new sheet will bring a little hardness. To restore the maximum softness of the sheets, wash them with hot water and 1 / 4 cup less detergent than usual. Add a cup of white vinegar to wash off the residual chemicals during the washing process. Finally, rinse them again to ensure that they are clean. Then dry them with moderate to moderate strength. Take them out immediately after they are dry.

4, easy to peel grapefruit skin tips

grapefruit delicious skin difficult to peel. Many people like to eat crisp grapefruit, because the skin is not easy to peel and give up delicious, is not our style! People are smart! You can solve this problem with a little skill! Next time, remember to put the grapefruit on a smooth hard table and rub it hard to make the grapefruit follow the table; Intimate contact;, Its skin and meat will be separated, at this time it is very easy to peel again.

5, spring and summer mosquito repellent tips

(1) put a few boxes of open cover essential balm and cool oil in the room, or apply mint on the wall; Sprinkle some perfume on your body or pillow. Grind camphor balls and scatter them in the corner of the house; Plant one or two tomatoes in an indoor flowerpot. The smell of tomato leaves will drive away mosquitoes.

(2) if you hang a handful of chives under the lamp or pack a few pieces of chives in a gauze bag, all kinds of insects will not come; Cover the bulb with orange cellophane or silk cloth. Mosquitoes are most afraid of orange light.

6, tips to prevent sweater shrinkage

many sweaters will shrink when washed. Here is a tip: when washing, the water temperature should not exceed 30 degrees, wash with neutral soap or detergent, and add a little vinegar after the last water, which can effectively maintain the elasticity and luster of the sweater.

7, summer glasses antiskid magic method

, summer sweats a lot, glasses are easy to slide down, can use two rubber bands, respectively wrapped in the glasses leg bending place, and then put on try, the rubber band winding position to the frame and ear joint slightly back, the rubber band function is to increase the friction of the contact part, So the glasses don’t slide down.

8, three tricks to drive cockroaches

(1) put the fresh Nerium indicum peach leaves in the place where cockroaches are active, and the cockroaches will no longer be near here.

(2) put the fresh cucumber in the cupboard, cockroaches will stay away; Put a plate of sliced onion in the room, and the cockroach will run away immediately after smelling it.

9, wrinkle proof tips

, leather and silk and other high-grade clothes, the thinner they are, the less they can be put in plastic bags. Because things in the case of sealing, can not contact the air, moisture will accumulate in it, of course, hair enzyme is inevitable. Therefore, it is better to remove the plastic bags and cover them with tissue paper before storing the clothes taken back from the laundry. When wearing, apply a little vinegar on the crease, it won’t be so obvious. Before ironing, apply a little vinegar on the crease with an old toothbrush, and then scald it at a low temperature, and you can hardly see it.

10, umbrella decontamination tips

Cloth Umbrella and silk umbrella splashed with mud, to open to dry, and then use a soft brush dipped in alcohol solution to wash. Dark umbrellas should be washed with a brush dipped in strong tea or Ivy tea, and colorful umbrellas should be washed with ammonia water to keep their original color. Do not use gasoline, kerosene, acetone or other organic solvents to wash the umbrella.

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