Check the principles of healthy eating vegetarian

eating vegetarian often has many benefits

1 and prolongs life. According to the research of nutritionists, vegetarians can live longer than meat eaters. It is understood that the residents in northern Pakistan and the Indians in central Mexico are primitive vegetarians. They have a low risk of cancer, heart disease and other diseases, and a high life expectancy, which is amazing.

2, reduce the risk of cancer, some studies have pointed out that meat and colon cancer has a very close relationship.

3. It can reduce the burden of the kidney on the waste of various higher animals and human body, and carry it to the kidney through the blood. Once the meat used by meat eaters contains animal blood, the burden on the kidneys will be heavier.

4, reduce cholesterol content vegetarians blood cholesterol is always less than meat, if the blood cholesterol content is too much, it will often cause vascular blockage, become the main cause of hypertension, heart disease and other diseases.

5, improve digestion, fruits and vegetables are rich in fiber, which is conducive to improve digestive function.

principles of healthy vegetarian eating:

1. Meat is high in protein, but beans such as soybeans, soybeans, mung beans, or tofu are also rich in protein, which can supplement some of the nutrients that are lacking due to not eating meat, and eat more beans to avoid the worry of high cholesterol.

2. Whole wheat bread, germ bread and brown rice should replace white rice and white flour.

3. Vegetables should have four or five kinds of changes. The iron content in meat can be supplemented by high iron fruits such as tomatoes, kiwifruit and grapes.

4, eat cashew nuts, almonds and other stone fruits, its rich oil can supplement the body’s heat.

5, vegetarians are easy to lack vitamin B, and more comprehensive vitamins can improve it. It’s not so easy for women who love beauty to keep slim by eating vegetarians. If you don’t cook correctly, use too much oil, or try to choose some fried foods such as fried tofu skin, or sweet foods such as mung bean cake to eat. Although these foods are vegetarian, their high oil and sugar will make you want not to get fat.

6. Don’t use more fat to make vegetarians taste better. You should master the principles of light vegetarians, less salt and less sugar, so as to conform to the healthy orientation of vegetarianism.

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