Check the tea drinks that can nourish and nourish your face

Check the tea drinks that can nourish and nourish the face

check the tea drinks that can nourish and nourish the face

different seasons are suitable for drinking different tea, spring is suitable for drinking flower tea, summer is suitable for drinking green tea, autumn is suitable for drinking green tea, winter is suitable for drinking black tea. Here is to introduce some nourishing health tea.

1, wolfberry tea

, wolfberry tea can nourish kidney, liver, lung, eyesight, strong bones and muscles, improve fatigue. It is especially suitable for eye fatigue caused by long-term use of computer. It only needs more than ten Lycium barbarum grains to be prepared, brewed with heated water and drunk frequently. It will be effective if you drink it continuously for two months.

2, chrysanthemum tea

chrysanthemum has the effect of nourishing the liver, calming the liver, clearing the liver and improving the eyesight, especially suitable for spring drinking, especially for girls who have close relationship with computers. At the same time, it can detoxify and keep fit, expel pathogenic factors and reduce fire, expel wind and heat, promote diuresis and detumescence, resist and eliminate harmful chemical or radioactive substances accumulated in the body, inhibit a variety of bacteria, enhance microvascular elasticity, slow down heart rate, lower blood pressure and cholesterol, and is beneficial to Qi and blood, moisten skin and maintain hair.

3 and rose tea

are mild in nature and rich in vitamins. They have the functions of activating blood circulation, regulating menstruation, soothing liver and regulating qi, balancing endocrine, regulating liver and stomach, eliminating fatigue and improving physique. They are suitable for drinking in spring. In addition, it can effectively alleviate cardiovascular disease, beautify and nourish the face, help to improve skin dryness and remove black spots on the skin.

4, jasmine tea

, jasmine tea can & lt; Removing cold evil and depression;, It’s the best tea in spring. Drinking jasmine tea can not only calm the mood and boost the spirit, but also clear away heat, invigorate the spleen and calm the nerves, remove dampness, relieve gastrointestinal discomfort and menstrual pain, and relieve abdominal pain; It is also helpful for women’s physiological and reproductive functions, and can moisten skin, nourish and beautify.

, honeysuckle tea

gold and silver scented tea has the characteristics of Gan Gan and cold. It has the functions of clearing away heat and detoxicating, dispersing wind heat, relieving swelling and alleviating pain. It can relieve the common upper respiratory tract infections, influenza, tonsillitis, periodontitis and other diseases in spring. It also alleviates the effects of furuncle and enteritis, and helps cool blood and stop litidiuresis and nourishing the liver.

6, safflower tea

safflower comes from the western regions. It tastes sweet and non-toxic. It can be used for men’s blood and women’s menstruation. Most of them can be used for blood circulation, and less can be used for nourishing blood. Modern medicine found that safflower and safflower seed are rich in vitamins and bioactive ingredients, which can nourish blood, activate blood circulation, reduce blood pressure, reduce blood fat, inhibit thrombosis, protect heart, and beautify hair. Safflower and safflower seed can be served with tea, healthy and delicious, suitable for all ages. But need to pay attention to drink less before going to bed, so as not to affect sleep excited.

7, lemon tea

. This kind of tea can remove phlegm, eliminate fatigue and relieve headache. The method is also very simple, cut fresh lemon two to three pieces, add 1g of salt, and then hot water brewing. Drink this tea while it’s hot. It tastes bitter when it’s cold.

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