Check the uncommon radish with high health value

Inventory is not common but high health value of radish

inventory is not common but high health value of radish


right, you are not wrong, is carrot, we usually say carrot is actually carrot, this is the genuine carrot. Different from common vegetables, radish is divided into female and male. The taste of female radish is better than that of male radish, and the contents of potassium, calcium, iron, phosphorus, selenium and other substances are several times or even dozens of times higher than that of common radish.

Cherry Radish

as the name suggests, Cherry Radish is like Cherry Radish, the color is bright red, taste sweet crisp juicy, less spicy, generally used for raw. In addition, the moisture content of Cherry Radish can reach 94%, and the vitamin C content is 3-4 times of that of tomato with the same quality. It is the undercover of radish industry sent by fruit.

flat radish

flat radish is also called turnip and turnip. It looks like a radish, but it is not a radish. It tastes spicy and sweet, and can be eaten raw. According to the records in dietotherapy Materia Medica, flat radish can & lt; Lower Qi, treat jaundice and urinate. Root: the main diabetes, heat and wind swelling treatment& rdquo;& ldquo; In winter, it can be used as Potamogeton crispus and boiled as soup, which can eliminate persistent food, lower Qi and cure cough& rdquo;

green radish

green radish is a green radish. Don’t think it’s not ripe yet. Although it’s green, it can be eaten raw. It tastes crisp and tender, sweet with a trace of spicy. It’s very popular in foreign markets. In addition to the general characteristics of radish, green radish has higher cellulose content and less heat content, which also plays a certain role in weight loss.

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