Check the vegetables suitable for both raw and cooked food

Check the vegetables suitable for both raw and cooked food

check the vegetables suitable for both raw and cooked food

this kind of vegetables have unique smell, crisp taste, and often contain a lot of fiber.

can be directly mixed with raw food after washing, and the taste is very fresh; If you blanch it in hot water and mix it, the taste will be slightly soft, but not detract from the original taste, such as celery, sweet pepper, asparagus, okra, balsam pear, white radish, kelp and so on. For example, tomatoes contain lycopene, which can reduce the risk of prostate cancer and liver cancer. If you want to take it, you should eat it cooked. But if you want to take vitamin C, it’s better to eat it raw because it’s easy to lose during cooking. 2. Radish

there are many kinds of radish. It’s better to eat raw radish with more juice and less spicy taste, but it belongs to cool food. It’s better to eat cooked radish with Yin deficiency constitution.

vegetables after blanching

these vegetables usually have high starch content or astringent smell, but as long as they are blanched in hot water, they can have crisp and fresh taste, and then mixed with seasonings.

1. For vegetables with more oxalic acid, such as spinach, bamboo shoots, water bamboo and so on, oxalic acid will combine with calcium in the intestine to form calcium oxalate which is difficult to absorb and interfere with the absorption of calcium (calcium food). Therefore, be sure to blanch with boiling water before cold mixing to remove most of the oxalic acid. 2. Cruciferous vegetables, such as broccoli and cauliflower, which are rich in nutrients, taste better after blanching, and the rich cellulose (cellulose food) is easier to digest (digestible food).

three, Portulaca oleracea and other wild vegetables

blanching can thoroughly remove dust and insects, but also prevent allergies. In addition, lettuce, water chestnuts, etc. before eating raw, it’s better to peel, wash and scald them with boiling water, which is more hygienic and will not affect the taste and nutritional content.

4. Mustard vegetables

, such as kohlrabi, contain a substance called Glucosinolates of thiogrape (grape food). After hydrolysis, it can produce volatile mustard oil (oil food), which can promote digestion and absorption.

vinegar supplement vitamin

vinegar has the effect of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, detoxification, digestion and accumulation, appetizer, can be said to be the best condiment for cold dishes. The acetic acid contained in vinegar is a weak acid with very low concentration, which will not destroy the rich vitamin group and plant cellulose in green vegetables. When you put some vinegar in cold dishes, it not only increases the fresh and refreshing feeling, but also increases the appetite. Its bacteriostatic and bactericidal effects can effectively prevent the occurrence of intestinal diseases in summer.

is different from putting vinegar in cold vegetables, do not put vinegar when cooking green vegetables, because in the process of heating cooking, the nutritional value and chlorophyll will be destroyed under the action of acetic acid, and the green vegetables will turn yellow rapidly, and the nutritional value will decrease, so do not put vinegar when cooking green vegetables.

sesame oil is also an indispensable condiment for cold dishes. Sesame oil not only has strong aroma, but also can promote appetite, and is more conducive to the absorption of vegetable nutrients.

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